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Now that a few episodes have aired of most shows. How do you feel about what you've picked up this season?

So far I've been surprised by how much I've enjoyed pic related.
Can't stand the art style.
I liked the first ep especially the frog but I started watching the second ep and it bored the shit out of me I couldn't even finish.
I've picked up nothing since last September, due to assignment.

After returning home, I've done nothing but play shootan gaems.

Any good moeshit the last 1.5 year?
Can't stand all the bullshit that show throws at me. The art style and animations on the other hadn are fucking awesome imo.

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Ive picked up a lot. I might be dropping WUG tho
I kinda forgot about that show because I was waiting for Underwater to release it.
The moeshit genre is basically dead. The new "in things" are fujoshi pandering and stuff with militaristic themes.
I really like Wizard Barristers, it's fucking great but I can't help but get incoming rape out my mind.
Most excited for next episode
>Sakura Trick
>Oneechan ga Kita

Might even get better but upper tier
>Sekai Seifuku
>Space Dandy
>Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

These are OK
>Wake up Girls

Not really into these but they might get better
>Wizard Berristers

Already dropped
>Witch Craft Works
>Ignition ZX
>Saki: Nationals
>Nobunaga the Fool
>Mahou Sensou
>Pilot Love Song
>Saki: Nationals
Did you watch the first season?
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1.42 MB PNG
I've enjoyed everything apart from Mahou Sensou and Pupa, AOTS contenders so far are No-Rin or Pilots love song.
I was super hyped for Wizard Barristers, but man did it disappoint. I don't expect any kind of legal drama to be realistic, much less a fantasy show about wizards, but these guys aren't even pretending to be lawyers. All the court scenes are retarded and rushed, and the protagonist skipped out on nearly all of them.
>muh moeshit dead
Shiiiiiiit, sarge, that's a damn shame. Any good military anime then? Last one I watched was Upotte.

Oh yeah, I watched that one during leaves, but not much else.
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A bit too early to be ranking these and whatnot, but whatever. Wouldn't be surprised if things move around by the end.

Buddy Complex. Probably the only person who has it rated this high but I dunno, for whatever reason I find myself looking forward to it more than any other show. The fight scenes are clean and really well animated and choreographed. I'm excited to see where Hina and Aoba go

Noragami and Nobunagun. Noragami could end up as AOTS, Nobunagun is just too much fun.

Wizard Barristers, Hamatora, Nisekoi

Toare Huushi or w/e its called. We'll see where it goes, its ok.

Chuu2 2. I dunno, seems like it is sort of falling on its face a bit, not nearly as fun as I thought it'd be.

One of these days I'll catch up on Space Dandy. Anything big shows I sould be watching?
Guess I forgot Nobunaga the Fool. It isn't very good anyways
Nagi no Asukara is the only thing I really look forward to every week. Everything else I watch just to be able to shitpost on /a/.
Space Dandy is pretty good but it isn't very entertaining for some reason. It's almost too familiar.

Wake Up, Girls' movie was really, REALLY good. But so far the TV series hasn't shown the boldness and tightness the movie showed.

Witchcraft Works is fucking amazing so far. Total surprise show of the season. It's funny, exciting, dramatic and i can't enjoy any of the threads because of possible spoilers ;_;

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