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Hello /a/

I have a choice between spending my night watching Akagi, Gunbuster, Welcome to the NHK or Evangelion (lol..)

Which would you recommend?
Akagi first, NHK second, NGE last

Delete gunbuster, shit sux
E. Angel Densetsu
If you want to be an emo fag then Evangelion
If you want hot-bloodedness then Gunbuster.
If you want mindfucks then Akagi.

Don't know about NHK.
NHK just barely edges out Akagi IMO.
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Did somebody say Evangelion? Cause I think I just heard someone say Evangelion.
Watch them in the order you listed them.
Watch Gunbuster first because it is the shortest.

Watch the others at your own whim.
Gunbuster, NHK, Eva.
Delete Akagi, it's shit.
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GunBuster + DieBuster
Same fag.

And obligatory 0/10
>Delete gunbuster, shit sux

watch akagi
Listen to this man.
Ditch Gunbuster.

It's good, but the other three are fucking amazing. I'd go with Evangelion for classic value and mindfucks, but once you finish watch the other two.
OP here, I could also read Berserk 20 & 21 and play some Phoenix Wright in bed...
Gunbuster. Then NGE and Akagi.

NHK is shit.
Gunbuster. Then Akagi and NHK.
Evangelion is shit.
Akagi Evangelion Welcome To The NHK

avoid Gunbuster like the AIDS and download Diebuster
NHK if you want to be depressed the whole weekend
Gunbuster for something light in space
Akagi if you want HOLY SHIT FUCKING AWESOME moments

The less said about Evangelion the better.
Akagi is an incredibly well written show, that uses mahjong as a container. It's amazing.

Gunbuster is a nice super robot show, that gets really inspiring for the last few episodes. Iconic ending.

Welcome to the NHK is not even worth a watch, really. You could read the manga if you wanted.

Evangelion pretty much changed the way people went about making anime (Good or bad, I can't say). It has tons of creative use of direction to hide budget problems. Failure of an ending. End of Evangelion movie is beautiful.

There. Go make up your own mind.
Do this.
Delete everything and watch Lucky Star.
Oh u.
Well that's always an option.

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