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Like goddamn it doesn't bother me when entire arcs of shows are in achronological order but to split the episodes up like they did is fucking stupid.
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It's a rather gay term but if it fits, it fits.

> the episodes up like they did is fucking stupid.
Please elaborate. Are you referring to how this particular episode ends and how the next episode begins?
For example how episode 4 jumps way ahead in a very non-foreshadowing and awkward way.
It's actually a good idea. It gives you hints about what is going to happen without spoiling you directly. Not to mention, it allows you to enjoy Melancholy arc more, because you get more attached to SOS Brigade members before that.
I think they established with Endless Eight that they did not give a fuck

But I didn't mind because haruhi is really good
I see what you mean, and I agree with you in some regard, but I don't really agree with the way they did it. It just felt very anti-cinematic and awkward.
If you were surprised about Episode 4, then I assume you watched in the "broadcast order." You see, there is more than one possible ordering to watch the anime. I'm not sure if you're already aware of them, but we also have a "chronological order". To be fair, you found it anti-cinematic and awkward because the "broadcast" order is not for anime marathons. If you wanted to marathon it, then you should watch it in chronological order.
Doesn't matter, check the movie now. SERIOUSLY.

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