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Name 10 songs on your anime theme playlist:

>Minmi - Shiki No Uta (Samurai Champloo ending theme)
>Susumu Hirasawa - Gatsu (Berserk theme)
>Susumu Hirasawa - Forces (Berserk theme)
>Kirari - Last Piece (G.T.O ending theme)
>T.M. Revolution - Heart of Sword (Rurouni Kenshin ending theme)
>The Seatbelts - NY Rush (Cowboy Bebop theme)
>The Seatbelts - The Real Folk Blues (Cowboy Bebop ending theme)
>Mell - Red Fraction (Black Lagoon opening theme)
>LiSA - Crossing Field (Sword Art Online opening theme)
>Paradise Lunch - Guns n' Roses (Baccano! opening theme)
no one?...
1. /a/ hardly ever cares about music threads.
2. Your choices are the epitome of entry level anime.
3. There's nothing to talk about.
File: 54rtregf54t.png (20.89 KB, 300x300)
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20.89 KB PNG
I'm only going to give a couple. Not ten. One of them isn't even from an anime..

Totoro theme.

NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind Soundtrack 3

[Cowboy Bebop] The Real Folk Blues (English Cover by Sapphire)

Shirokuma Cafe Ending 12 - My Dear

(Not anime, but close enough) Blazblue Chrono Phantasma - Bang! Bang! BIG BANG!

One More Time, One more chance - 5 center-meters per second, live

Outlaw Star - Hiro No Tsuki

Kill La Kill soundtrack - Blumenkranz. I can't find the full version on youtube

Pom Poko - Tanuki wa Ima

Heidi OST - Track 2

I was going to post Kaeru Hi as my Spirited Away soundtrack, but can't find it on youtube. Futatabi is my second favorite

Sorry, I only planned on doing 3 or 4, but I just kept remembering more..
The only reasons I'm stopping here is because I know nobody will even click half the things I posted
>Implying "entry-level" anime isn't good
stop being a fucking anime hipster. I've seen plenty of anime, but these are some of my favorite themes. They are also some of my favorite anime. They are popular for a reason. Quit being a faggot...
Bitch can you even count? That's eleven.
Oh, wow. That english cover of Folk Blues is genuinely better
>NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind Soundtrack 3

Never even heard of this anime, but this song makes me want to watch it. It's the sound of an epic adventure.
What a casual piece of shit you are OP
Been meaning to watch Spirited Away. Everyone seems to like it and the soundtrack seems pretty cool. It just kind of seems to be an anime for kids. Is it? I'm not sure if I'd like it.
It's almost as shit as this thread.
/a/ I love you and imma let you finish but Bad Dog no Biscuits is the best Bebob track of all time.
All time.
File: Screenshot_2.jpg (183.26 KB, 1920x1080)
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How can you even browse /a/ without first watching every Ghibli movie?
Watch more anime OP

Also, this is blogging shit on /b/ levels.
Never heard of Heidi, but this soundtrack is lovely
These opinions confuse me. But I'm gonna give the second one more credit since the first sounds a lot like a shitposting child.
File: 1368812045272.jpg (13.80 KB, 181x168)
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13.80 KB JPG
>never heard of Heidi
>Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi is shit
>never heard of Nausicaa
Newfags post stupid shit all the time, more news at eleven.
>Implying you knew what Heidi is
Actually i do, I'm from argentina, and it was a hit here for some reason.

Now let the blogthread die.
I usually like everything Cirno... but that cosplay is just...
Oh jesus, the nostalgia.
>Bang! Bang! BIG BANG!
It's so cheesy, it's hilarious. I really liked the new Gale remix though.
>doesn't recognize rei cosplays from cirno's
Seriouloy, were the fuck do these people come from?
In Italy still aires today.
I even live in the Alps.

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