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Can we have a ZKC thread? The Unlimited also welcome. Mangaholic is super behind and they can't even say when their next update will be. I doubt this thread will even live but might as well try. Being a ZKC fan is suffering.
I was happy Yuuri didn't die.

Kind of hoping for a humor arc and NO MORE WWII EVER.
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The current arc isn't humor, unfortunately. Hyoubu and Feather hook up the dolphin brain to Babel's prediction system to check on the future. Dolphin can't predict it accurately, tries to kill them because they're in the way of a truly blank slate for the future or something.
I stopped following the series when they were on WW2-Namek. Can't say I enjoy Hyoubu and his antics and the things from the past weren't interesting enough to keep me reading. I still try to work up the will to power through it to catch up.
Also still no 4koma.
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The WW2 arc wasn't that long or even that bad, it just felt slow coming out weekly because the content was mostly a fight. Reading it all at once shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, maybe a little more depending on your speed.

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