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Let's have a thread for the fallen.
This thread is dedicated to good mangas that got shitty endings or no endings because they ran out of money.
You mean like Me and the Devil Blues :^)
Ah fuck, I had forgotten how shitty an ending this got. Thanks for reminding me OP...
Another series long on the read list. I didn't know of the circumstance surrounding the final volumes.

Would you do it again knowing about its end?
So the good manwa Veritas gets canned but the garbage Breaker gets to stay alive eh
doing it right now mothrfucker
for my numer one favorite character ever I'd read death note again if I have to.
I thought it got canned because the artist and author were fighting each other. And something about how the author found out that his manga got uploaded on the web and ragequit.

It's a shame since this manga was just beginning to reach the climax. Gangryong was a good protagonist, and the girls were hot too.
it was canned for good reason
Yes, pandering to people with shit taste
It was just sad. So many interesting characters needed development, but it got cut short.
>author found out that his manga got uploaded on the web and ragequit

He actually quit because him and the artist decided that they hated each other.
Me and the devil blues, Shamo and Tough come to mind.
Shamo was beyond edgy though, and I had no idea where Tough was going, but damnit why did DB have to be cancelled?
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It was canned for a reason.

it's a fucking shit series catering to edgy 14 year olds.

>hurr durr who needs a reason to fight nigga im so tuff

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