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Just marathoned Moyashimon

Aside from the microbe slant, it's pretty generic

the only thing purely AWESOME was Kei

what did /a/ think of it?
Needed more microbes. And lesbians. Most importantly, more microbes.
Needed less microbes and lesbians. Then more Kei.
I thought it was above average. Kei was icing on an already delicious cake.

What about lesbian microbes?
File: 1204943923804.jpg (40 KB, 500x281)
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How EVERY Moyashimon thread goes:

1. Hey guys, I saw this microbe anime called Moyashimon
2. KEI!!
3. But what about lesbians?

Rinse and repeat.

Let's talk about something else for once. Like Haruka or sake brewing or the professor or how big this guy's head is.
File: 1204944025944.jpg (67 KB, 450x468)
67 KB

It's pretty damn big.

So anyway, Kei...
So, how 'bout that alcohol eh?
Good setting, good characters, good art, not so good plot, overall very satisfying, need more Moyashimon and less harem/moe/shonen/high school drama.
those tow guys were great.
Watched the first few episodes and it was okay.

Then I skipped like 5 episodes to see Kei.
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509 KB PNG
I never got past the 3rd episode.

The microbes were cute I guess.
File: 1204944382079.png (296 KB, 704x400)
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296 KB PNG
File: 1204944390769.jpg (39 KB, 1024x576)
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I went into it from the start actually expecting far more microbiology. Now I like lesbians, and Kei makes quite a pretty girl, but I felt a bit gypped when it sort of felt like "Facultative anaerobic microorganisms are useful and interesting gu-- HEY ARE YOU LISTENING HEY LOOK LOOK LOOK"
What happens here. The two shotas become traps?

>> good art

Good art? I love the show but the animation and art varied from average to downright bad. Unless you're talking about the overall character designs or something.
Awesome everything. Characters were really likable and everything was really well-written, and unlike most animu, funny.
we can talk about the one girls athletes foot. or how that one girl is probably inches away from becoming a fujiyoshi after not bathing for....was it a week or a month?
I was expecting Sawaki to see semen at one point in the anime

I was sorely disappointed
Yeah what's up with that. I would have expected them to be all over that amusing incident.
File: 1204944630167.jpg (141 KB, 1280x720)
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Then again, I realize that this is unreasonable to expect something different from an anime and if I didn't want what it was I would just masturbate to ProQuest or something

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