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I didn't bother reading the reply but yes that fake oldfag pasta is stupid and supposed to act as a catchall reply for idiots who don't know anything about anime.
I was watching what most people would consider 'old moeshit' before a lot of posters on /a/ were even born. But I hate moeshit now and I do not have a problem with the term 'moeshit' either.

Back from the early 90s all the way up to the mid 00s there have been 'cute' anime. 'Moe' didn't really exist as a word or even a concept until the very late 90s/early 2000s and didn't catch on mainstream until the late 00s.

In the late 00s, when it DID catch on with the mainstream, you had a lot of moeshit coming out - shows which relied on nothing but what the studio percieved as 'moe' in order to rake up bottom-of-the-barrel sales.

The irony is actually that while these moeshit (or 萌豚アニメ) are supposed to be aimed at kids who are following the otaku bandwagon (Niwaka otaku), the real otaku were not impressed at all because the shows that were supposedly being made for them actually didn't provide anything for them to enjoy - going over the same old plots, settings and character archetypes is not entertaining for people who have watched thousands of anime series.

I love moe, don't get me wrong. Even today I can go back to the early 2000s and watch a show which would be classed as 'moe' by today's standards and enjoy the hell out of it, even if I haven't seen it before. But if I watch a 'moe' show from 2008-2009 onwards, it's painful and patronizing.

If you watch 'moe' shows from 2007, then 2008 and then 2009 you can see the bridge in 2008 where it began to get more patronizing. It's no coincidence that this is when the 'otaku' fad exploded too and niwaka jumped on board.

And another thing, in order to make more money from the 'moe' fad, the archetypes have pervaded every other genre too. It's not as simple as avoiding SOLs, Mahou Shoujos or romance series, it's the fact that no matter which genre you move to, you will still find this niwaka appeal. It's simple marketing, if say for example, Sunrise made hard sci-fi shows, they would miss out on a shitload of sales, viewers and merchandise. Whereas shows that cross mecha with SOL or mecha with idols etc. etc. have cross-genre appeal and will make them more money. Macross F was one of the first examples of this.

It is an annoying fad, and has driven me to watching shows I never thought I would have bothered with. I was raised on a diet of Di Gi Charat, Ojamajo, Snow Fairy Sugar, Nuku Nuku, Binchou -tan, Kokoro Library (The original 'nothing happens' SOL), Sister Princess etc. and now I find myself completely avoiding most Mahou Shoujo shows in pursuit of Gundam Unicorn, Space Dandy and Pupa instead. People would think I'm your average Toonami watcher from my tastes this season but I was subbing anime before Toonami even existed.

It's not to say everything is bad though. Milky Holmes felt much more 2007 than 2010. Chihayafuru and WHITE ALBUM were both romance heavy but were excellent. OVAs have managed to stand strong. Even the first series of OreImo caught my attention in a big way, which should have been a very generic LN adaption. It's all about execution.
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