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>go watch space dandy episode 03 as it is so shitty it piques my interest and I want to know what it really is about
>they use light-years as a time unit

You can't be fucking serious. Really? Fucking really? Did you even go to high school, BONES?
tfw no new season of dtb
It's thousands of years in the future.
Enough people fucked it up that it just naturally turned into a unit of time after so long
They said it was thousands of years into the future right after saying light-years. That doesn't make it excusable. And it still isn't a time unit even with people fucking it up countless times, it's length.
a lightyear is a 2 dimensional unit consisting of a time parameter, and a lenght (2d itself), since a lightyear cant be the same everywhere in the universe.
The meanings of words can change over time, you know.
And if I said thousands of years into the future, or several centuries into the future, I could mean the same thing.
If they have speed of light travel (Not sure if they do or not, can't really remember), then they could use it as a measure of time for something travelling at the speed of light.
But those are still time, whereas light-years are length, and thousands of years are time. The only reason for the name "years" is as it's the length light travels in the void during a year.

Hmm, you're right. Although they still used it as time, which is my main concern.

I think they do, but they mentioned the food QT bought was from "10 thousand light-years in the future", to which space dandy replied "then this crap expired 10 thousand years ago". Which invalidates what you said, but that could be the case and they just portrayed it badly.

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