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Good morning/afternoon/evening, /a/,

I don't often come here looking for "requests" or to ask questions, mostly cause I can sometimes have a pleb opinion, but I'm lost here.

Are there any other shows on the spectrum of DRRR/Devil Survivor 2 that focus on life in Tokyo and mythology/superstitions? I've been looking everywhere, but people usually mistake what I'm asking as "WHAT SHOWS HAVE COOL SCYTHES AND BADASSES?" I'm looking for something in the vein of SMT crossed with a look/commentary on like in Tokyo as a teenager or adult.

Sorry if this question comes across as asking to be spoonfed, but I really have looked all over the place and can't find anything similar to these titles.
Also, Celty is mai waifu
Boku no Pico.
I feel like my questions there just get drowned out by porn.
I've actually started Baccano and really enjoy it, but it still isn't quite what I'm looking for. Thanks though, kind anon.
The Devil Survivor anime was shit, you should feel bad for liking it. Also this is a request thread, no matter how you put it.
>I feel like my questions there just get drowned out by porn.

Not my problem, follow the rules.
All requests belong on /r/.
It doesn't really deal with mythology but Darker than Black might be close to what you're looking for in terms of supernatural occurrences in Tokyo. Wish I could help more; I'm interested in the same stuff.

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