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In what order should I watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series?
Should I just start with 2012 one?
pls respond
Remember the golden rule: if a manga is the source material, read said manga and ignore anime adaptations.

If you still want to watch the anime, The 2012 one is a good starting point: it adapts the very first story arcs of the entire series.
I can't imagine anyone doing this for Usagi Dropped, K-ON and Seto no Hanayome.
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No real reason to see the old OVA version of part 3 now that a new version is just around the corner. I personally don't feel that the OVA was even close to capturing the feel and style of the manga, and in JOJO, the style is very important. It was too rough and "manly", JOJO needs slick sick style in every aspect, which I think the new anime is very true to.

But the correct answer is to read the manga first, and read part 4 twice, first the Duwang version and then the quality version.

And, this is just a personal opinion, skip part 5. Not only because it's boring, but because the new quality translation isn't done yet as far as i know.
that image isn't what I actually uploaded, btw.
Not op but do you have any good places to read it at? or to Download it?
There was a pastebin with all the info but I can't find the bookmark.
Still, you can just use google. Every site uses the same scans.
>newfags the thread
Why are you even replying?
also sage
Here you go bud.
Yeah yeah, spoonfeeding.
Thanks, I'm not really from around /a/ I'm mostly a /m/ and /tg/ person.

I could have google'd it but I'd rather find a good place to read and or download it than some shitty website.
From here on you're better off googling anime-related stuff, request-threads are frowned upon here. /a/ even got its own wiki, so check out there next time.

I did it for Usagi Drop. The anime helped me forget the last half of the manga ever happened.

And OP you can go ahead and watch the 2012 anime with no problems. If you like it go ahead and read the manga, especially read Stardust so you can be hype with the rest of us as it gets closer to airing

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