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File: niggers.jpg (230.80 KB, 1920x1080)
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Fuck off out our board cancerous fucks. If you want a shit fueled shitfest to erupt here on /a/, then keep it up.

Ban this nigger.
>retard shitposts on a shit board using an anime image
No wonder your board is doing so well.
File: laugh.gif (74.33 KB, 278x340)
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74.33 KB GIF
File: 1368155067995.jpg (27.48 KB, 300x300)
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27.48 KB JPG

>board that only talks about kill la kill
>implying kill la kill isn't just fan service general
>implying kill la kill is good

Wow shit, I wonder which fucks must've came to /v/ to spam on about kill la kill. Must be /n/.
He is. He shitposts here too. He's called ragarell.
It's probably just /v/ being a shithole
>dark ad muh soul
Dark themes are easier on the eyes.
>Ban this nigger.
You heard him, mods. Ban OP.
File: warning.jpg (166.83 KB, 1920x1080)
166.83 KB
166.83 KB JPG
Well shit, imagine that.

>get warned for spamming
>/v/ constantly gets spammed everyday for the past week

Fuck off mods, useless pieces of shit.
Just shitposters shitposting, report and move along
>play vidya
You basically doing a virtual work by playing game.
I had seen Information System in ERP and is more simple than the game interface.
Why don't you quit?
This. We all know anime is the superior entertainment.
They have internet in North Korea?
beg Moot for better Mods in /v/
Nobody cares.

>implying moot uses 4chan
>implying that shill didn't escape to mexico in the back of a van filled with all the jew gold he acquired from 4chan
>implying he doesn't go to reddit instead
File: 1390587134244.png (756.85 KB, 755x544)
756.85 KB
756.85 KB PNG
What's the problem OP? Mad that /v/ is a garbage board where you can shitpost as much as you want?
Oh cool I love four KlK threads on the first page.
>people on /v/ like naruto
>people on /v/ thinks kill la kill is shit

>people on /a/ likes kill la kill
>people on /a/ thinks naruto is shit

Well, I wonder who has shit tastes. Looks like /v/ has better tastes in everything.

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