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Has /a/ watched this?

Capable MCs are fine, but not when they're this strong.
This guy is the biggest Gary Stu faggot conceivable
Nigga, you best not be hating on one of the best Harem MCs.
but he uses his powers to steal panties and watch girls shower. how can you hate that?
Why can't I get a harem MC that isn't "average anything" or "alpha as fuck strongest guy in the world"? The shitty MCs are the reason I skip anything harem these days.
If he is so alpha, why hasn't he fucked any of them.
He fucked Miu in his sleep in the first episode.

He also sleepfucked Miu when she was trying to draw out his poison while he was unconscious.
Didn't happen either time, got interrupted. Not only that, but even if it had progressed then he would not have been the one doing it in the accepted sense -- he would have basically been sleepwalking.
Shidou, Eita, and Yokodera are pretty likeable harem MC.
This guy is awesome and we need more like him
harems are the one setting that gary stu harassers who get away with it fit perfectly
they fit okay in other settings too
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It's the only kind of mc the author knows how to write.
>Gary Stu
>Last fight is hard as balls and he's basically acting tough.

But it was oh so worth it just to see that blond faggot get his ass kicked.

Also, you gotta remember. He's basically a level 78 hero after being the game and completing the story. That's the entire point.
I like Shidou and Eita, Yokodera is over average. 3 good ones aren't enough from a pool of shit though.
What the fuck he actually puts his hand on her vagina
Where are her nipples?
Is it good?

Like, honestly good?
Because he is a fucking hero. How the fuck did he manage to beat all those demons without being strong as shit.

That and he's not really that strong compared to another heroes, he only looks overpowered against school scrubs.
Nipples are too obscene for all-ages LNs.
It's not just his strength, it's his cockiness, the same groping and bra stealing joke got old quick. If I wanted to masturbate I'd just go read porn. In fact his character would fit better in porn, not an anime. It is too hard to insert myself as him because he is too alpha, I cannot empathize with or relate to him at all so I have no reason to care about his conflicts.

Also his power comes from some dumb unexplained gimmick like Chi and girls' tears.

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