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Just got done watching, any chance for a second season? Compliled research says that it's up to the merch that sells, anybody have figures on that?
They're pulling your leg. There won't be a second season.
There won't ever be, accept it quickly.
Yeah, fearing that.

found a dump of compiled info regarding everything officially said post production as of 2011, but that was almost 3 years ago.

-The second season is, like the secret track from the OST said, up to Imaishi (the director).
Imaishi is all ready to go and do a second season, so really it's up to Kadokawa (which basically means 'buy PSG stuff').
-The ending was indeed meant to set-up a second season.
-They can't talk about Stocking's final revelation yet, but "Fallen Angel" (ending track) probably holds some answers about it.
-They say Panty's hot "love juice" from right before she had sex with Brief is the reason why her panties scar Scanty's face; they're considering making the scar permanent.
-They joked about skipping season two and doing season three instead, or making season two live action so they'll be safe from the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill.
OP here, turn it into PSG general?
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There will never be a season 2. Give up hope now. Christmas was ruined, god is dead, and Gainax is still laughing at everyone.
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Never, because Gainax is currently on its last legs. Anime pretty much bombed, while it's somewhat forgotten already in Japan.

Don't worry, Stocking's VA's currently voicing pic related... so...
>Not a bondage loving, sugar craving, goth demonangel
Don't care.
Speaking of seiyuu, has Panty's seiyuu done more stuff? I don't think I've heard her name since, or at least not in any recent anime.

Why is Eureka a cute?
What was /a/'s reaction to this on launch?
It was popular enough to get tons of troll threads.
Anything archived?

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