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/a/, what do you think is the most canon?
For example, if a VN author writes a manga where one girl wins, does that make that girl canon?
Should have been, if a VN author writes a manga for the same series where one girl wins, to clarify.
If the visual novel has no clear winner, then the manga would be canon unless the author claims otherwise. If there are many works from one series by the original creator then whatever came first would be canon, unless the author says otherwise. In my opinion at least.
Most VNs have a clearly defined true route though.
OP wasn't asking about those, so why even bring it up?
In they are my noble masters manga Red-haired maid wins, but she is not the main heroine.
Whichever the one my favorite girl wins/can win by player choice.
Does she really? That sounds like it's gotta be a spin-off manga or something, I can't imagine her ever winning that series in particular otherwise, especially since there's like 4 main heroines to choose from.
Yeah, I can imagine that. Some people just wanna believe what they want. I personally am not a fan of that though, I think the story is the author's to tell, part of the reason why I hate open endings.
I saw the raw of last vol. years ago and for what I remember,The ending has The MC and the maid going somewhere in helicopter, hand-holding with all the other characters saying goodbye to them.
Also, Sia wins the Shuffle manga (and that means harem ending).
Whatever the author says > Whatever is made first > VN > LN > Mango > Animu
Been a long time since I watched Shuffle, been meaning to play the VN, because didn't really expect that anime to go that way.
I guess shuffle is a good candidate for this, having a VN, anime, and a manga.
So how is that a harem though? Because she has multiple personalities?
I think this is pretty much my order, except I'd probably put anime before manga in most cases, depending on which came out first.
Because she has grown up with 3 moms and it's okay with sharing her husband.
File: SHUFFLE06-178.jpg (264.57 KB, 970x1400)
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Pic related.
Is that the end to the manga?
Yes,the last vol.

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