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Did /a/ read this? either the manga or the LN?
The manga ends on the next English release, it's already over because it got axed.
I think the main reason would be the plot is frustrating if you're a self insert. LN is still going on, so anyone reading that? Do you think it's gonna end the same way the manga does? Pink AKA Saotome wins
>the plot is frustrating if you're a self insert
What does that even mean?
I have watched one anime with "shuraba" in title and fucking hated it.
Well, the plot is basically that the MC always sets other couples up. And to add on top of it, 3 girls come and want him to be their fake "Boyfriend". That's probably why it didn't do to well in Japan and got axed at chapter 11, at least when where talking about the manga.
And you're probably referring to oreshura, another series involving a "fake girlfriend"
When we're*
And to add onto that a bit, if you're self inserting as the MC, which I have to imagine most otakus reading every harem/shounen manga are, it doesn't exactly feel good if the MC can't catch a break. Also, the girls aren't all that like-able for the most part.
I don't know exactly what do you mean about OP, but LNfag on batoto already spoil it to you.
Basically manga only took some important events from the LN and put it together. Maybe manga being made as advertisement for LN. No one win yet.

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