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Isn't Noragami the one surprisingly, consistently good series this season? It just stays good no matter what.
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Noragami and No-Rin are probably the surprises of the season for me.
Until the Bones ending ruins everything at least
Zvezda hasn't disappointed yet. And Noragami needs to find a direction. It's been 3 episodes and I feel like we're still just introducing characters and faffing around town without any specific conflict or goals. The characters won me over and the animation and music are nice, it just needs to kick its story into gear.
>Zvezda hasn't disappointed yet.
Zvezda was absolutely pathetic from the get-go. It's just plain old stupid and uninspired.
It's Pinky and the Brain: The Anime. What were you expecting?
It's not bad, but I really like Engaged to the Unidentified that little bit more.
Muh Hamatora
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Three episodes is too soon.

But so far, Mikakunin and Zvezda have been my personal favorites. Zvezda will probably top Mikakunin if it can remain consistently good, but it's a significantly harder task for a show like that.

Mikakunin has girl of the year though, so that's in its favor.
I'm not feeling Nourin to be honest. There has been nothing special about it.
No, Zvezda's "little girl sticks around you and you take it sexually, you sad, sad lonely shit: The Adventure".
I think Mikakunin is high up there.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha is pretty consistent as well.
only three episodes in, what the fuck you on about?

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