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Stepping forward, you admire Seras's body, naked and bound in a standing spread eagle position. A full length mirror right in front of her shows her just how helpless she is as she glares at you with a mixture of disgust and embarrassment. If not for her ball gag, you are sure she would have some choice words for you right now.

You spend some time playing with her large breasts, feeling their weight, pinching the nipples, slapping them around a bit. She tries to pull away from your touch, but her bonds are tight enough that all she can do is suck in her stomach.

You then move one hand slowly down her taut stomach to her pussy, which is starting to get moist as you stimulate her breasts. You spread her lips with your fingers to check the tightness, reaching in to find her gspot with your fingertips while rubbing her clitoris through the hood with your thumb, while savoring her muffled protests and glare.

When she's wet enough, you take your wet fingers out and wave them in front of Seras's nostrils, causing her to pull her head away violently after smelling her own musky scent.

Licking your fingers, you move behind her, placing your fully erect cock between her outspread thighs. Her eyes widen as she realizes what you are planning and she starts struggling wildly as you take your time, teasing her pussy lips with your cock without sliding it in. Grabbing hold of her two large breasts for support, you then start to slide it in slowly, enjoying her struggles as she utters a muffled scream into the ball gag. You can feel her tightening her vagina muscles in order to try and force your cock out, but all it does is make your erection harder.

Slowly, you break through her hymen and enter fully into her pussy, enjoying the feel of the blood dripping down slowly from her pussy onto the floor. As Seras pants from the pain, you tighten your hold on her breasts and start to thrust slowly in and out of her, enjoying her feeble attempts at resistance.
You take one hand off her breasts and reach for a Hitachi magic wand on a nearby tray and place it on her clit, making sure to use a low setting. Soon enough, Seras is trying desperately to hold back her moans as she watches herself be raped in the mirror., the pleasure causing her walls to convulse around your dick.

When you feel Seras reaching an orgasm, you take the vibrator off her clit and undo her ball gag. She starts to call you a disgusting piece of shit, but stops as you tell her that she can either beg you to cum inside of her, or you will kiss her and force her to swear an oath to be your eternal sex slave as your new wife.

With tears streaming down her sweat soaked, blushing face, Seras has no choice but to beg you to cum inside of her. You oblige her by switching the vibrator onto high and placing it onto her clit again, while speeding up your thrusts. Seras lets out an animalistic howl as she orgasms almost immediately, her vagina convulsions wrapping tightly around your dick, causing you to shoot your load straight into her womb.

Her orgasm and screams continues for what seems like ages as you continue to remain in the same position with your dick inside of her and the vibrator on her clit. Eventually she collaspes exhausted into her bonds as you pull out of her, with blood tinged semen dripping onto the floor.

As you walk away, Seras manages to muster up a weak "You disgusting piece of shit." before lapsing into unconsciousness.
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Seras a worst

Haruna a best
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Oh /a/, you are so pure.
You made this thread earlier.

No one cares, OP. Sera is a shitty tsundere and you should feel bad.

Chris > Eu = Haruna > Dai-sensei = Mael > Kanami > Saras > Taeko > Sera
Sera > All

File: Gizoogle_translation.png (141.99 KB, 328x325)
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>Steppin forward, you admire Serass body, naked n' bound up in a standin spread eagle position. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch fo' realz. A full length mirror right up in front of her shows her just how tha fuck helpless she be as she glares at you wit a mixture of disgust n' embarrassment. If not fo' her bizzle gag, yo ass is shizzle dat biiiiatch would have some chizzle lyrics fo' you n' aint a thugged-out damn thang dat yo' ass can do.

>Yo ass spend some time playin wit her big-ass breasts, feelin they weight, pinchin tha nipples, slappin dem round a funky-ass bit. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Biatch tries ta pull away from yo' touch yo, but her bondz is tight enough dat all dat thugged-out biiiatch can do is suck up in her stomach.

>Yo ass then move one hand slowly down her taut stomach ta her pussaaaaay, which is startin ta git moist as you stimulate her breasts, n' you can put dat on yo' toast. Yo ass spread her lips wit yo' fingers ta check tha tightness, reachin up in ta find her gspot wit yo' fingertips while rubbin her clit-o-rizzay all up in tha hood wit yo' thumb, while savorin her muffled protests n' glare.

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