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I see so much sexist & lifeless garbage being made now of days, it makes me wonder; Do we need to bring back The Hays Office? Rations will take care of the content, I'm talking about class and workers comp/pay & having a show not over stay it's welcome, some things like mix race shipping which were in the original code will be removed, but what will take it's place is no fan service for characters under 18.

Heres a link to the original Hays Code before they got rid of it, mind you will we still have ratings, it's just that we need quality control back.


Also, place this in /tv/ & /v/ if you what.
kill yourself
Shit son, even if troll, end yourself.

That being said, hide and report people.
Imagine how good movies would be if there were a hard limit on explosions per hour.
/co/ version here. >>>/co/58255790

We need more characters like Laura Haruna & Babs Bunny and less characters like Korra being made.
Anime lives by it's degeneracy, this is more of a /western boards thing.
Jump from a high place with a noose in your neck OP
That bloke looks like Lovecraft.
Anime is becoming more and more western aimed & only TMS & Ghibli understand this.

Bring back the Hays Code please, just update it for today's market.
This post makes no sense and neither does your thread, kill yourself OP, how long have you been here, ignorant fuck?
Thats William Hays, the founder of the first Hays Office; The issue was that there was no ratings system, if there was a rating system to go along side the Hays Office, it will still be with us today, just updated for todays market.
That's for the US, you inbred fuck, stop shitposting and fuck off, this is not anime related
There is no sexism in anime.

>inb4 hurr durr women are depicted as sexual objects

Of course. Women are humans. Humans are living objects and they are also sexual since they're kids. Therefore, women are sexual objects.
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143.46 KB PNG
The fuck does this have to do with anime?

Take your feminist discussion to /v/, we sexualize cartoons here, this is an offtopic thread.

Famicom is that you?
This is for all countries, not just the US.

No, it's not.

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