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Room: jinglebabes game

Who can score higher? <3
pew pew time! yay~!
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Copypata tiem
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It began as it always did, deep in the pit of her stomach. At first it was just a twitch like a strained muscle. It would be there for a second and then gone, only to return some minutes later. The twitch would gradually move forward and down until it was visible on the surface as her abdominal muscles clenched in a steadily hastening rhythm. She knew it was coming the moment it started early that morning. It would take a few hours, but the process was unstoppable and the outcome inevitable by now. She planned accordingly.
By four in the afternoon, Amu was walking unsteadily, as if mildly inebriated. The clenching was getting worse. By now, the twitch had become a spasm that lunged deep into her belly every time, at a point just above the apex of her thighs. It would come every two minutes and last for anywhere up to ten seconds, like a hand reaching in and squeezing her insides. Her panties were sopping through, a trickle of moisture dribbling down her naked inner thighs and soaking the tops of her knee-high socks. Nobody seemed to notice.

At four thirty, Amu was in a department store and running right on schedule. The bag full of new clothing bounced at her side. Two decent outfits, several sets of fresh underwear and some comfortably sexy lingerie. A treat, she told herself. She left the cashier and strolled casually back past accessories, through the perfume counters towards the door. They would be watching. Fooling the cameras was always the difficult bit. Everything else was easy.
Back around the lingerie section, past the changing rooms there, double back again, slip behind the pillar where shelves had been set up full of useless things that nobody really needed. The cameras couldn't see her here. Stop for breath. Another violent muscular contraction made her bite down on her tongue to stifle a wail. She could feel her cervix dilating; after so many times, she felt she had an intimate understanding of the process.

Her vaginal passage began undulating downward, ripples of muscular pressure flowing from her uterus and forcing jets of sticky fluid into the crotch of her already saturated panties. She knelt, head pressed against the cool concrete pillar, trying to overcome the feeling. Not here, not now, not yet. She was so close...

So close...the sign was only a few metres away, and the alcove just ahead of that. She forced herself to her feet and continued, ignoring the now constant clenching in her belly and the streaming flood of juices pouring down her legs. Her toes were making squelching noises in the platform shoes, her socks soaked through by the sheer volume of vaginal emissions.
She half-staggered past the sign, barely avoiding walking straight into it, and turned into the alcove. Her right hand shot out and stabbed at the call button automatically, her brain too far gone to catch up. The muscular contractions around her cervix had ceased now, the pain was drifting back down into that pleasurable, wide-open feeling. Amu kept one finger on the call button and dropped the bag full of clothing in front of the elevator doors. Her free hand shot down to her crotch, almost ripping off the flimsy cotton panties in her effort to attend to her aching cunt. Her fingers spread the soaking, puffy lips wide apart and sank in deep, spreading her channel open. The feeling of cool air breezing right up into her uterus made her knees tremble and her head spin.

The elevator dinged, the doors slid open almost too slowly. She dove inside with her purchases and sat against the back wall, legs spread out before her, knees up, panties around one ankle. There was no camera in here. It was safe in here, at least relatively so.
Another convulsion stabbed at her abdomen, this time powerful enough to make her knees buckle. She paused to lean up against one of the perfume counters, waiting for it to pass, trying not to show it on her face. Her cunt was a swampy mess now in the flimsy cotton panties, running in long rivulets down her thighs. Hopefully the pleated skirt would keep unwanted eyes from noticing.

She shook her head at the saleswoman trying to offer her some new fragance or other and stood instead to make her way to the exit...then doubled back.

The woman didn't seem to have noticed her. Nor did any of the others. She walked straight back into the store along the far wall and started weaving through stands of coats and hats, trying her best not to look too suspicious. Getting arrested would be more than embarrassing in her current situation
It was quick this time. The process only lasted a few minutes, thankfully, and no one seemed to have noticed the elevator had stopped. Amu lay half-sprawled, sitting up against the back wall with her legs hanging open and watched, fascinated as ever in her multiple-climax-induced clarity of mind, the lips of her cunt being spread from within, spread wider than they had ever been before around the solid lump trying to escape. as the shimmering blue gold-encrusted shape squeezed its way out from between her labia. With a last convulsive spasm, a bejewelled egg as big as a grapefruit slipped free trailing viscous fluid, followed shortly by a powerful squirt of vaginal liquid. Incredibly, a second followed it, two almost identical eggs made of some onyx-like blue mineral and covered in ornate gold patterns punctuated by sapphires and emeralds barely a centimetre across. She watched them come to rest together on the metal floor between her feet and then fell back at last, panting heavily, flushed and sweaty as another orgasm swept up her body. A fresh and truly awesome flood of juices spewed forth from her cunt, as if her body were emptying itself through her vagina, fluid spraying out over the floor and coating the eggs in a shiny layer
sweet jesus
As the elevator hummed down to the second floor, Amu stabbed one foot upward in an impressive display of physical flexibility and thwapped the emergency stop.

Now she could scream, because the elevator was a relic from before the department store, back when this building had been something else. Its walls were thick and sturdy, and the floor six feet across gave plenty of room to move. The little glass windows in the doors showed only darkness, stuck between two floors. Now she could scream all she wanted and kick at the floor and walls with her platform shoes as she ground her clit through orgasm after orgasm as the convulsions began higher up, right in her diaphragm. Now the pain was over, waves of endorphins flooded her brain as her uterus began pressing in on itself to force its contents out into her vaginal passage.

Another muscular spasm rolled through her abdomen, starting from her diaphragm and rippling down her naked stomach until it reached her navel. The walls of her uterus constricted and the mass within descended, passing the threshold of her gaping cervix and into the muscular tunnel beyond. She bit back a cry, tears coursing down her cheeks, the sweat streaming along her back in sheets, as the lining of her vagina gripped at the thing and started pulling in rhythmic waves, slowly working it down through her lower abdomen.
After a little while, she knew she had to leave. Amu stripped down in the quiet confines of the elevator, mopped up what mess she could of her cunt with her blouse before putting on fresh underwear. The frilly red lingerie, she decided, just for kicks. She redressed in a combination sweater-kneesock-miniskirt outfit, stepped into her platforms, stuffed the soaked clothing into a spare carrier bag and then stabbed at the G button. They were probably valuable in some way. She couldn't be sure, but each egg was covered in jewels that certainly looked authentic to her eyes, and each of them had a certain aesthetic charm to the design. They might be worth a lot of money.

Amu didn't care. She stepped out of the elevator that now stank of her pussy, leaving the two eggs behind her sitting in a puddle of her juices that covered almost the entire elevator floor. She walked straight for the exit now. She didn't care what they were worth. Perhaps she would keep one or two some day, but the thrill was in leaving them for others to find. The idea that maybe, just maybe, someone would find them and realise that they had come from inside of her.

She blushed as the crotch of her brand new lace panties started to soak. Maybe she had better find a restroom somewhere and put on another pair.
this shit again!?!??!!?!

This pasta is getting a little stale. /r/ some new f/a/nfiction.

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