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Fuckin bitch should stop meddling around in other peoples business.

I bet she'll be causing tons of drama cuz she can't leave yuuta and rikka alone.
She's helping them.
She got them together, faggot. She helped them hold hands for the first time.

Nibutani is ultimate bro tier.
Just give up, anon
When will she suffer a mental breakdown and return to her rightful place as the most powerful of all chuu2s?
nobody asked for her help, she just gives it anyway. This is gonna create a shitstorm later on, Im sure of it.
This. Their relationship would be stagnant as fuck right now without her. Actually, it would be worse than that. If they hadn't held hands in the previous episode, Satone's arrival would have been even more damaging to Rikka.
nibutani seems much cuter this season too, so go die in a fire OP
You'll all see, she will fuck everything up.
File: 4456875684.jpg (71.40 KB, 1280x720)
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It's because she had to turn into the straight man of the show after MC went full retard
hairclip likes yuuta, doesn't she? she is like that chick from school days. will it end with rikka 'fighting' hairclip only for the chuuni to wear off and show that she actually murdered her?
If you squint a little the hairclip looks like a ripe, pink vagina. I would love to stick my cock in Nibutani's head-pussy and cum in her brain.
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