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Don't know if I enjoy this show anymore.

I've read enough manga & watched enough anime to suspend my disbelief concerning the improbability of a super overpowered, world dominating, student council.

I can look past weird power ups & characters with nonsensical abilities. In some cases it's really entertaining.

But I can't stand how Kill la Kill tries to be both serious & wacky at the same time. It just ruins it for me. "Same time" is the key phrase though.

I get that complaining about wackiness is going against the style of Kill la Kill as a whole, but it just feels like overkill.
>pic related
Why did they have to add that? It killed the mood (which felt rushed as hell to begin with) immediately.

Additionally, speaking of "rushed as hell". Why is everything rushed as hell? Senketsu get's chopped up & is put back together in an episode? Shit like that is just dumb, what's the point?
it's fun, fuck it.
/a/ has shit taste but KlK is not something you should be complaining about
It's ok to not like things and drop shows, OP
>Senketsu get's chopped up & is put back together in an episode?
The weird thing is that there are hardly any filler episodes. There's absolutely no excuse for rushing this. I feel like the entire show has been running on promises since the beginning. The climax of this week was Ryuko saying she was strong enough to handle herself on her quest for vengeance and not let anyone get hurt. But every single person watching this show knows she'll lose her way again like she did every other time she made this decision.

It's not even thematically consistent, with Ryuko constantly trying to push Mako aside yet preaching on about the power of friendship while belittling Satsuki who's been in full team spirit mode since the beginning of this trip and explicitly had to work together with her four generals to fight Ryuko. In fact those five characters are the only reason why I'm still watching.
I thought it was fairly obvious Mako was just getting a quick taunt in to Satsuki with that line.
Considering it's just
>That's right, don't underestimate Matoi when she sets her mind to something
that lasts like 2 seconds.

If anything it shows Mako was smart enough to realize Ryuuko's more powerful than Satsuki now, and felt like rubbing a bit of salt in.

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