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So /a/ I think that anime may be killing my social life, but I don't understand why it is for any logical reason?
My friendships have been getting worse ever since I started watching more anime and I don't why and now Im thinking that my entire life has been bullshit and Im so fucking annoyed. Ever since I told people "I like anime," I feel automatically branded even though Im not just an anime lover, but they still do and I cant make relationships where people accept my hobby IRL.

Why cant people just accept anime as they have video games? Has anyone ever had something like this happen IRL?

>ITT: Otaku Coming out IRL stories and stories of showing anime to friends IRL
>inb4 no one here has friends
Nice sage you fucking retard.
cool blog
Video games are cool. You run around shooting/killing things, go exploring in an alternate universe, or some other cool shit like that. Now compare that to watching cute anime girls doing cute anime things (this is what most people think the entirety of anime is). The answer to your question should magically appear.
Nice blog, where can I subscribe?
Nice blog OP, where is the option to suggest you kill yourself.
>implying correlation implies causation

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