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Why are there so few romances that have cute couples doing cute things together?

Most of the time, the romance is either implied and mostly off screen, or the author will string you along with will they/won't they for a few years, then dangle the milestones (first deito, first hand-hold, first kissu) in front of you like a carrot to keep you giving him money.
>keep you giving him money
You've already answered your own question.
Doesn't explain all the shy authors who have awkward sexual tension at critical levels throughout their story that either goes unresolved or resolved in some off screen marriage and time skip ending.
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Because hand holding is a touchy subject.
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Itoshi no Kana is just about a couple hanging around their apartment all day, having sex and watching TV and stuff. But I always got the impression that the author was looking down on the audience somehow. It's the same guy who wrote Ai Ren, and this is almost the complete opposite. There's no plot, little characterization, and the tone is idyllic and happy to the point that it seems subversion. You read it and it feels like the guy is saying "Is this the type of happy trash you bottom feeders want?"
If the intention is finishing it, what point is there in properly resolving it? They've already robbed you of your money. Regardless, people pay to see misunderstandings and drama. If they simply got together, then there'd be nothing to show. You do realise that these endings aren't specific to romance manga?
Nazo no Kanojo X has the most cutecoupleness of any manga i read (which isn't many) even without any affection beyond finger sucking
>You do realise that these endings aren't specific to romance manga?
They're specific to romance plots. You're not going to see a sports series where the two rivals don't have their last match against each other.
I can think of one as soon as you said it.
If you consider a self-insert and a bitch who gets off on withholding to be cute.
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Why is hentai so more heart warming than most romance?

And why is ecchi always always hotter than hentai?
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Good taste

Only having a few chapters allows the author to accomplish much more
>Newlywed couple married for six months.
>Haven't had sex yet

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