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>Hey Okabe, we need to talk for a moment.
>You keep using masculine pronouns when talking to Ruka. Don't you realize how deeply problematic that is? You're oppressing poor Ruka!
>I don't care if Ruka hasn't said anything about it, this lab is a safe space and you're offending me!
>Sheesh, it's times like this I wish I did Woymns studies instead of Neuroscience. I could've made a real difference where it matters.
Daru! don't you realize that MILLIONS of women get raped every day? No I don't CARE that they're just drawings, you're supporting rape culture an-wait, it's a boy? Oh, never mind then.
Why does that look like a man?
Canonically, did Ruka even identify as trans?

Of course, declaring a character to be trans when they're not is exactly the sort of thing SJWs would do (see also: Chihiro and Sakura from Danganronpa, Naoto from Persona 4,) so the joke still works.
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soooo Kristina thread?
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>masculine pronouns

I don't think he even refers to him as かれ, does he?
He wanted to be a girl, but mainly because he felt as if his life would be easier that way, not because he honestly felt like a girl trapped in a guys body or anything.

By the end of it Ruka seems to have embraced being a gay little fagboy so it all works out in the end.

Wait what the fuck, seriously? Chihiro I can kind of understand (though disagree with), but thinking Sakura is trans is fucking retarded.
Privilege kekked.
I thought that it couldn't get worse than Redditor Kurisu, but here we are.
File: Moeka_profile.jpg (41.62 KB, 481x600)
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>steins gate thread
>no one is posting best girl.
Japanese people rarely use pronouns. I'm pretty sure Okabe never actually does that.
So best she didn't even have a route.
They still translate it as "He", "His", and "Him" in the dub and subtitles, that should set the SJWs off.

If we wish hard enough, the darling spinoff will get a PC release and get translated. Then we can have our Moeka route.
Nips don't really use gender-based pronouns that often.

A lot of the time they just use the person's name or gender neutral stuff like あの人.
File: 1368623612972.jpg (142.90 KB, 719x1000)
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Don't worry, she browses SRS!

This entire premise is hurting me inside.

le maddo scientisto faec :^)
File: 1337002715659.png (1.36 MB, 773x3726)
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le sigh congroo :DDD
I laughted.
>spouting meme all the time

truly the best waifu
But of course.
I just finished this series yesterday.

Should I watch the OVA? What is it about? Is it worth it?
File: BacktotheGate.jpg (1.56 MB, 1200x1697)
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Developes Kurius and Okabes relationship more, you get to see Suzuhas mother for a bit, and most importantly it's fun.

Also go watch the movie after, it's really good.
It's pretty much an epilogue after episode 24 and it worth watching.

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