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I miss stuff like this
Great show, fucking terrible ending. Also, it had the most frighteningly fuckable pre-Jun trap I've seen.
I wish she'd gotten her own series.
Doesn't it make you want to hold her in your arms and tell her everything is going to be all right? She would cry into your shoulder as you caress her face and wipe away her tears. You would lean down and kiss her on the forehead, and all would be right with the world.

Don't you wish you could just hang out with Yuki? Not to sex, not out of lust, but only to be with. You could talk to her, make her laugh, make her smile, unlike all those others. She would understand you. Yuki would actually talk to you, not just fake a laugh at every sentence for your sake, just so you'll continue to spoil her. She's not like that. She's not one of those massive mindless droves of ignorant whores in the world. The sickening wretches that feed off of attention and their "drama." Vampiric, they sustain themselves on gifts, money, and power. Do they give a damn about your intelligence, your personality, your emotions? No. But Yuki does. Yuki would like you for your personality. She would find your intelligence amazing. You could quote something from a comic book and she wouldn't stare blankly at you, with her head cocked at an angle like a dog would, as if you were the strangest thing on this Earth... But no. You will never know what it's like to cuddle with her under a blanket, to lie on the cool grass at night and watch the stars. You will never feel her cheek, hear her whisper in your ear. She will never cry into your shoulder while you stroke her hair, telling her everything is going to be alright. You cannot be with her, with any of those like her. You are separated by the great void between reality and fiction. She doesn't even exist. None of them do. Stranded forever, you are trapped here in this dimension of shallow females who will not once in your lifetime "get" you. Not even in your dreams will you be able to fully behold a real girl like her. Never. You are alone, in all ways. Forever.

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