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Hey /a/, I'm wanting to get into anime. The most experience I have with anime is Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid and stuff like Case Closed, FLCL, etc. on Adult Swim.

I've been looking around Amazon and RightStuf for things to buy to get started. So far, I have in my cart Akira, FLCL series, Trigun series, Summer Wars, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo series, Ghost Hound series, Case Closed series, and Irresponsible Captain Tylor series.

Any movie or series suggestions are appreciated!!
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Fuck. Well, I guess this board is pretty useless if you can't even help newcomers.
Exactly, you should probably leave before you become as useless and autistic as us.
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You seem alright, so ill tell you straight up. Leave.

Don't ask for recommendations here. Just look up recommendations on google or myaninelist.
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>I've been looking around Amazon and RightStuf for things to buy
What if I aim to be as fucking loony as you guys?

Why should I not ask for recommendations here?

Where should I look? I can't afford the bullshit off of J-List or Play Asia or wherever. I'm shopping on a god damn budget here, pal.
And again, I'd like some recommendations, please.

boku no pico is pretty good.
Just get out

what in the fucking hell
Is this what you're worried about? I know what Boku No Pico is, it's not like that bullshit is exclusive to this board. I've seen people talk about this pedo anime elsewhere.
obvious troll

do not reply, etc.
Yeah yeah yeah, obviously a troll because I have no anime pics saved to my computer and clicked the first one I saw.
Stop shopping for anime. Just download it all from http://www.nyaa.se/ (assuming you know how to torrent)

Watch the following:
Kill La Kill, Nichijou, Log Horizon, Boku no pico, the Monogatari series (starts with Bakemonogatari), Clannad, K-On, Non Non Biyori, Gurren Lagann, Puela Madoka Magica, Oreimo, and Sakura Trick
I don't torrent, but finally thank you for the suggestions.

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