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So is this anime any good or is it just teen fujoshit edge?
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It is both.
It's good but don't expect too much. If it was more popular /a/ would hate it.
The first few episodes are very slow, but boy, shit goes down later on. You really don't want to get spoiled.
This dude seems pretty cool, reading the synopsis of him. So far I haven't been able to determine a main character.
no fuck off.
I waited to marathon it until after it aired. Enjoyed it immensely, pretty entertaining show. Some crazy shit happens, and while it takes itself pretty seriously, it never felt too over the top or ridiculous.
Nice MAL review, faggot.

No, in all seriousness it is good, definitely my favorite vampire anime.

Obviously there are Hellsing Ultimate and Jojo 2012 but there the vampire theme feels merely secondary.

It also has the best extra episodes I have seen so far. Usually those are just cheap recaps, forced beach episodes or otherwise worse than the main show itself but in Shiki the 2 extra episodes are actually better. On the top of my head I cannot think of an other anime where this is the case.
Are you shitposting on purpose or are you just a clueless retard?

MAL reviews are at least 200 times longer and do not make use of normal vocabulary.

>>100867448's summary is down to the important stuff.
Episode 14 is some fucked up shit yo.
watched the first 4 episodes once and stopped. found it interesting, but something didn't grab me all the way. I'll take another shot at it eventually.
It's pretty slow for the first, what, 8-9 episodes, perhaps a bit less.
Is this thread a meme or something? It comes up at least once a fortnight and has done so since the show aired.
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It's good; not very much of the latter.

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