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Can we get a Kaworu disscussion thread going on? I've always been curious as to what Kaworu says after the credits in Evangelion 2.0, where he says this time he'll make sure Shinji is happy, or some translate it as -This time I'll make you happy-.
This makes me think, -When was the first time he was unable to make Shinji happy?- Was it during the original tv series? Is Kaworu a interdimensional traveler? It seems akward I know, but I really can't understand the meaning behind his words, not to mention that during Evangelion 1.0 he also says Shinji has not changed one bit, but yet he is also eager to meet him, how did he know about him before meeting him? He must have encountered his previous version in an alternate universe (Or so I believe).
One thing that makes me think this is also an alternate reality is that during the original tv series it seems Kaworu waits for Shinji to kill him(While he apparently is suprised at the fact that it was actually lilith who was being held in terminal dogma), yet in the rebuild he is more prone to help Shinji restore the world by reverting the semi-third impact (He still dies unfortunatly :( This means his goals have changed, he is no longer looking to seize earth for the angels (Let's remember he has adam's soul) and is looking to help just one human(Shinji) restore dominance of the planet to the lilin/m, and this is his way of assurring Shinji is happy.
Could Kaworu be so in love with Shinji during the original tv series that he decided to revert the past(or travel to a alternate reality) just to make Shinji happy? I'm confused, I'd really like to see what other people think about these brief quotes that Kaworu says.
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Short version: Anno has always been a massive Nagaifag and Devilman was one of NGE's main inspirations but now Anno want Eva to be Devilman

Don't try to make sense of it. Eva was supposed to end with EoE (it has END in the title) but Anno went full Lucas
On the anime, since Rebuild is a sequel.
Did you write all that without realizing how retarded it is, and how unworthy of discussion it is?

Also this guy: >>100866502
has it right.

There's no point in making sense of it because the plot is all curving and bending to make for Kaworu x Shinji shipping, nothing more.
My problem is kaworu not stoping shinji in eva 13, it only make people fanwank or straight hate the movie.

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