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I had posted this the other day looking for help but by the time i got back onto here the thread was gone.
Ok so a while ago i had gotten a preview Dragon Ball Z toy/card for free. Probably from a comic convention i went to. Not being a Dragon Ball Z fan i just stuck it in a box and promptly forgot about it. I have passed it by several times in cleaning and moving things but never thought much of it but never got rid of it either.
I finally decided today to go look up online to see what it is worth, if anything at all.
I have searched on Ebay and all over the net and have not been able to find what i have anywhere. I took a few pictures and if anyone recognizes it as either common or rare please let me know it would be a helpful.
Some info i DO have on it.
It is of Goku
Its dated 1996
Its about the size of a normal trading card but much thicker
It was meant from what i remember and a sneak peek at a new card/toy line that was coming out.
It is still in the clear plastic and unopened.
It was made by Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation, Liscensed by FUNimation Productions Inc.
As far as i can tell it is not numbered which kinda backs up the fact that it was given out as a sneak peek.
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OP again. Just wanted to post the picture of the back.
come on 4chan. no help at all?
tree fiddy
i think dragon ball z is a pretty cool guy. eh shoops da whoop and doesnt afraid of anything.
antiques roadshow is that way ->

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