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Day 45
Chapter 224
>Ton-chan Turtle Store

Ton-chan is the name of a turtle that appears in K-ON!

>Otowa 2nd District

Otowa is a town in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward, near Koishikawa. The head offices of Kodansha are located in this part of town.
"You Shall Understand at a Glance that this God Has Just Been Born" is a pun on a line in Satou Haruo's "Rural Melancholy" (Denen no Yuutsu). The original line is "You shall understand at a glance that this cicada has just been born."

First published May 26, 2010
Is normal starting this thread with such a lewd image?

It's an average amount of lewd, so it's OK.
These threads keep getting lewder and lewder...
>2nd Mangaka

That would be Hata Kenjiro. The shirt he's wearing is one that he often draws himself as wearing.


That's the normal progression for most threads.
>Sheryl-san's Taiyaki

Reference to Sheryl from Macross .
>Akabane 84

Pun on AKB48 (the AKB is short for Akabane). The name of their concert tour is taken from the song Kafuka sings at the beginning of Chapter 223

Yes, that's Kafuka. The name is derived from tonari no daigakusei (隣の大学生) or "the student from next door", as Kafuka introduces herself when disguised as a college student that flirts with Nozomu.
>Watch out!

The man on the bike is Akira Amari, and LDP politician and former Minister of State in Charge of Administrative Reform.

>Miyake River.

In short, Akira Amari shoved a politician standing beside him, who bumped into DPJ politician Yukiko Miyake. Miyake then fell to the ground, apparently injuring herself. She showed up to the Diet the next day in a wheelchair, and when trying to walk on crutches, fell over again for no apparent reason. Slow motion of the initial bump showed a delay between contact and actually falling over, and the seeming exaggeration of the injury lead many to believe that the whole thing was a stunt to increase the popularity of the DPJ.

>Star-head guy (Last panel, between Ookusa's feet)

That would be Hoshi from Arakawa Under the Bridge. The first season of the AUtB was running during this time, directed by SHAFT. The voice actor for Hoshi, Tomokazu Sugita also
>Holy Tree Position

Holy trees from the Onbashira Festival in Nagano Prefecture. The first part of the festival, Yamadashi, a large tree known as an onbashira is cut down in a Shinto ceremony and hauled overland to the shrine at which it will be used. On some of the steeper slopes, boys and young men will ride the tree down the slope as a show of bravery. The second part, Satobiki, is the raising of the log outside the shrine as a symbolic replacement of the shrine's foundation. Men ride the log to the top as it is raised, and sing to commemorate the successful installation of the onbashira.
>Comics with "God" in the title

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
>The kami in Mikami is the same one used for "god"
Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil
The World God Only Knows
Oh My Goddess!
Les Gouttes de Dieu
>Amazing! Decanting from such a height!
Hoshin Engi
>The "shin" in Hoshin is written with the same kanji as god
A Cruel God Reigns
Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

>Spiriting away

神隠し (kamikakushi) literally translates as "hiding of the god", is the act of a god secluding itself from the people.

>Gods that have been spirited away

>Hata Kenjiro
Depicted in usual Kumeta manner, naked, censored, and with a voice actress in his arm
>Hiroshi Kamiya
>Johnny Kitagawa
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You can see Hayate there.

And with the adaptation of Nisekoi by Shaft the references circle is closed now.
Chapter 225

The title of this chapter (清兵衛が瓢箪で瓢箪が清兵衛 Seibee ga hyoutan de hyoutan ga seibee) is a mashup of two different titles, Shiga Naoya's short story "Seibee and the Gourd" (清兵衛と瓢箪 Seibee to Hyoutan) and Yamanaka Hisashi's "I've Become Him and He's Become Me" (山中恒の児童文学 Are ga aitsu de aitsu ga are de)

First published on June 2, 2010.

Forgot the actual page
>Capgras Delusion

Cagras Delusion is a psychiatric condition in which a person believes that someone close to them has been replaced by someone else. Oddly, when a person suffers from this delusion, the delusion seems to only center on a single person they know, while everyone else appears "normal".

>Signs (Panel 8)

Da Pump and Sophiya are references to Japanese bands.
>Signs (Panel 8)

"Gangan" is a reference to a group of manga magazines published by Square Enix. The sign above that says 'Mitokomon', the name of a historical drama. At top left, the sign reads "Yoshinoya", a chain of beef merchants. Below it is a banner that reads "Hollywood Dragonball"
>Voice actor change

Reference to Detective Conan, the show seen in the last panel on the previous page. Refers to the voice actor for the character Kogoro Mori (or Richard Moore, for those used to the Americanized version), who was changed in 2009.

>Choco Bowl

Reference to the candy brand Choco Ball. It's a chocolate shell containing a filling that is changed on occasion.

>Death Note -> Literature

Reference to No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. A surge of reprints of classical literature featured covers designed by manga artists (in this case, Death Note's Takeshi Obata) in order to draw in the younger crowd.

>Electronics Store

Reference to the chain "Laox", which was bought in part by a Chinese company.


A reference to an apparent dream that Kumeta's assistant Maeda had. Apparently, Maeda fell asleep and had a realistic dream about another (non-existent) assistant named Yamashita. When he woke up he told Kumeta to fire Yamashita or else he was going to quit.
>Signs (Panel 1)

"Yukio's Office" - Reference to then Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. Some of the banners say "Plan", which is a reference to the DPJ's platform of removing the American airbase in Okinawa. The plan involved a landswap to move the base elsewhere, but this fell through and the "plan" turned into quietly extending the American lease on the base. "Eco Tax" is a reference to a green tax that the DPJ also wanted to implement. The failure of both of these is seen for the reason that Hatoyama's cabinet collapsed.

>Panel 4

The person in line is supposed to be Kim Jong-nam, son of Kim Jong-Il and one time heir apparent. In May 2001, he was arrested at Narita International Airport for entering the country illegally on a (forged) Dominican passport. His reason for being in Japan was apparently to visit Tokyo Disneyland. There's a little switch here, as the series puts this in Haneda Int'l Airport, which only received the international terminal shortly before this chapter was published.
>B-But I'm a girl!

Sensei uses some feminine words here.

>Kaere's personalities

Kaere's name is based on the verb "kaeru", which can mean either "to change" or "to go home". Her multiple personalities are conjugations of this verb. Kaero is the imperative form, "Change!" or "Go Home!". Kaeruna is the negative imperative form, "Don't Change!" or "Don't Go Home!". Kaereba is the conditional form "If I/you change/go home…".
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Chapter 226

"Bridegroom Village and the Nobles" (花ムコ村と貴族たち Hanamuko-mura to kizokutachi), a pun on Niimi Nankichi's story "Hananoki Village and the Thieves." (花のき村と盗人たち Hananoki-mura to mesutotachi).

First published June 9, 2010.
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>What makes a bride happy

The drawings accompanying this statement are shout-outs to the classic comic Doraemon:

The house is the one in which Suneo lives.
The wives in the picture are, from right to left: Suneo's mom, Nobita's mom, Jian's mom.
The woman with the mirror is Suneo's mom.
File: 03.png (166.85 KB, 1080x1600)
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166.85 KB PNG
>Shimamura clothes

Shimamura is a low-cost apparel chain.
File: 04.png (220.61 KB, 1080x1600)
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220.61 KB PNG
>Newspaper stories

"Eita-san” is a reference to Eita Nagayama (27), a Japanese actor, who had announced his marriage to singer Kaela Kimura (25) soon before this chapter was published. Kaere's name in SZS is a reference to the half-British singer, who also was a TV personality when SZS originally started. However, Kaela Kimura grew up and went to school in Tokyo, so was not actually a “kikokushijo” or returnee.
"The heavenly bride(grooms)” ref. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.
"Ebisu-san" refers to Ichikawa Ebizô, a Kabuki actor.
"Teisupo" = Teikyô supôtsu, a non-existent newspaper often appearing in SZS (and also some other manga as well).
"He's got Ears" and "~Graduation~ Rupi" Former Prime Minister Hatoyama was called “rûpî”. When he first stated he wanted to resign, he said "All the citizens have little by little, little by little, lost their hearing ears."
"Zeksy" is a pun on actual Japanese wedding magazine, "Zekshi".
"Ikkei Shinbun", pun on the newspaper Nikkei Shinbun.
is there any bundled ones so i can download a bunch of chapters in one go? if there is any please give me a link.
File: 05.png (202.87 KB, 1080x1600)
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202.87 KB PNG

I believe there's a torrent out there that has everything, I'm getting chapters off of Suimasen's site http://suimasenscans.wordpress.com/projects/sayonara-zetsubou-sensei/ and before i would use mangatraders.
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>Bachelors of the floating world

The noble bachelor uses the term “ukiyo”, which means “floating world”, and refers historically to the Edo-period leisure class lifestyle in the red-light districts of the day. His comment suggests that many of the noble bachelors were previously married…
File: 08.png (149.89 KB, 1080x1600)
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>Buy K-ON instead

The noble bachelor’s intemperate suggestion to buy a K-ON! DVD sounds much like that of Marie Antoinette, causing otaku rage, and the reference to revolution. "Let them watch moé."

>Magic User Witch Hunt

Kumetan Japan says this is a reference to the newly-proposed (and later passed) Tokyo anti-lolicon manga restriction ordinance.
File: 09.png (180.30 KB, 1080x1600)
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180.30 KB PNG
>Maiasauri Shinbun

Mainichi Shinbun + Asahi Shinbun + Yomiuri Shinbun = Maiasauri Shinbun
ah, thanks anon, but suimasenscans seems to lack the earlier volumes, i'll try to search elsewhere for them
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163.25 KB PNG
>White Tights

This also appears in Katte ni Kaizô chapter 45, in which Kaizô mentions it. I think it's a motif from some old shôjo manga, since said KK chapter in the beginning is a parody of “Oniisama e”, which was probably a reference to a still older shôjo manga. Actually this is pretty endemic in a whole genre of western-referencing period manga/anime, and must go back far enough to have traumatized Kumeta. Our guess would be this is a reference to the early-70s manga (and later 40 episode anime in 1979) the Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda.
File: 11.png (169.81 KB, 1080x1600)
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Where are the scans from, any way i can just download em all?
File: 1382666795328.jpg (104.90 KB, 400x400)
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File: 12.png (168.52 KB, 1080x1600)
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>Wedding Convention

Most likely a reference to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, which has its largest number of followers in Korea and Japan. Rev. Moon is famous for conducting mass ”wedding blessing” ceremonies of his followers, originally matched up by Moon himself. The members of the Unification Church consider Rev. Moon to be the messiah, which would make him a kami or god by Japanesestandards…and those not in the church have sometimes considered the “moonies” to be a cult which exploits its members.
File: 13.png (85.21 KB, 1080x1600)
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File: normal tpo full.png (1.35 MB, 984x1623)
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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's Blog

Despite the fact that I put so much time and effort into drawing the bonus self anime (not a flipbook!), I'm afraid that people are gonna think It's worthless. In order to make it even more undesirable, I decided to add a theme song that goes with it.

I apologized to the slacker in the west. Deceived by the north I left on my journey. I headed south to collect the random. "Hide out in the east," said a forgotten relative. With the new CG anyone can be an internet idol. This is a gift for you, as you depart toward your next life. A graduation anthology of your dreams. I'm gonna be a voiceover actor in my next life. La La La, Next Life, Next Life, Next Life, La La La, Next Life, Next Life, La La La. *Genuflecting is part of my daily routine. people who look into other people's eyes when they talk, con artist, politicians, students returning from studies abroad. Chasing after actors and voiceover artist. Jumping over the rivers of exclusivity. The technologinal leaps of the internet lead to superficial friendships. I'm sending you a diploma of love. *Repeat

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