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cont. from >>10084953

Alright guys, I'm making a soundtrack to Vinland Saga and when I'm done collecting and listening to all the songs I'll upload it to Megaupload and then put that onto Rapidsearch, but I need you guys to help me by suggesting stuff that I can put into the soundtrack. Anything is fine as long as it fits the mood of the manga and is mostly instrumental.
music will suck.
Vidya music is the only thing that can go in there (BGM style)
It won't suck if you contribute.
The only acceptable song is Immigrant Song. Repeated ad nauseum. It was the first reply in the other thread, but I'm repeating it here.
For the non-fighting moments, I listen to the Silent Hill Soundtrack.
so long as immigrant song is there, it should be pretty good.

also, I think that Holy Diver by Dio would be good.

Maybe some Wolfmother too?
Beowulf OST srsly.
Seconding the people in the earlier thread who mentioned some of the instrumentals from the Berserk soundtrack. Similar moods and all.
Amon Amarth.
Immigrant Song will be in.
if anyone has the RTW installed, take some of the barbarian musics
Julius Fucik's "Entry of the Gladiators". One of the best marches ever composed.
Sonata Arctica - Respect the Wilderness
Getting it.

Good idea.

Don't know what you're talking about here.
He talks of Rome: Total War.
Berserk - Forces
Alright, I'll look it through.
> I'm making a soundtrack to Vinland Saga

I stopped reading here - FUCK YEAH

That's the theme for your music? Just badarse war stuff, or are you looking for regional instruments?

A pretty good war song I used to listen to was the "Dwarven Song of Triumph". The .mp3 to Warcraft II's OP (fan-made orchestral) is also a good song.
File: 1204926578767.jpg (28 MB, 1200x1600)
28 MB

Anything off of Amon Amarth's album "With Oden On Our Side" is good. I recommend tracks 1,2,6, and 7. I'm going to upload the entire album through RapidShit, so I'll link it here from /mu/.

The musicians in this band are amazing and make layered, textured music with amazing viking imagery that doesn't distract from reading something like Vinland Saga or Berserk. Great during combat scenes too, makes it feel like a movie.

pic always related.
>Anything is fine as long as it fits the mood of the manga and is mostly instrumental.
>mostly instrumental.

Just saying.
I don't really have a theme, except for drumming up the viking and medieval European imagery. I'm looking for primarily pieces that would fit a certain mood yet still stay within the historical drama/epic action feel of the manga.
I'm listening to Stairs of Fire. This song works really well. I'm also going to add a song I heard off Biota - Object Holder which is sort of like it.
Mars: Bringer of War, from the Planets Suite By Holst.
Also, there are a few EscaFlowne songs like Zaibac that fit some of the scenes.
Also Mussorgsky, but look up the piano only versions of Pictures and Night on Bald Mt.
Also, Rachmaninoff is a great one. Concerto three would fit, at least most of it would. List fits as well.
CONAN OST. you KNOW you cant go wrong with that.
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Bracing for AWESOME

Anon will have my eternal thanks if he delivers a soundtrack.
It will take a few hours, but I promise a soundtrack delivered by tonight or tommorow.
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Sup GARnute
Anon is kind this fine afternoon:

For some authentic old norse instrumentals, the swedish band Hedningarna focuses on more classic folk in a more modern upbeat tempo.

Hedningarna - Chicago (Dont let the name put you off.)

Hedningarna - Hoglorfen

Finntroll - A finnish band that pretty much formed the Troll-metal genré, this is from their ambitient\aucustic album "Visor om slutet".
The band is finnish but sings in swedish since it sounds more like "troll".

Finntroll - Under varje rot och sten
Akiko Shikata


Let's see if this works. Enjoy, guys.
Don't be a pussy

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