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Best girl edition
She did it nya~
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Is it only me, or the animation quality just hit rock bottom?

Most of the scenes look like made in 3 fps and outsourced to china. Picture related, jesus christ. Did they spent all the budget on the initial promo ONA standalone, that was great?

I'll keep to this series till the end, but it's becoming suffering due to how nasty it starts to look.
You know what hit rock bottom? The posting quality level on this board.

This show on the other hand is fucking amazing.
File: derpgirls.jpg (197.26 KB, 1278x717)
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You're saying, that labeling sudden change in now underwhelming animation/graphics quality determines that a post is shit? I stated clearly that the series itself is great, so don't be an autistic idiot and snap out of your fit.

There's a huge gap between what they presented during the ONA and initial episode and this crap they are pulling off their asses right now. You can't deny that there had been a huge change in quality.

Pic related, I didn't even had to search for another chinese-outsource example - look at their fucking faces. Just look.
File: 45874578.jpg (163.84 KB, 740x534)
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Where did all the pantsu go?
finally, kind of WUG thread.

I just watched the last episode.

jesus, I'm thinking about dropping this, the girls are cute, but the whole thing is just terrible

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