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Gentlemen, I like duels.

Gentlemen, I like duels.

Gentlemen, I love duels.
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I like Tag duels. I like Pair duels. I like Triangle duels. I like Chaos duels.

I like Deck masters. I like Duel Puzzles. I like Anchor battles. I like Shadow Games.

On Sogen. On Umi. On Yami. On Wasteland. On Mountain. On Necrovalley. On Skyscraper. On Pandemonium. On Sanctuary in the Sky.
no you fucking fail
I like it when I equip cards on Ben Kei and use it to mercilessly attack my enemy.

I remember being moved when after drawing United We Stand, I chased my enemies monsters down, swinging like a madman.

Topdecking my prized card at 300 life points was unendurably exciting.

When my enemy screamed in desperation, reducing his life points with a Magic Cylinder was spectacular.

When the pitiful resistance came with their Swords of Revealing Light.

And I countered with a Heavy Storm when they had set all of their magic and traps, I was at my height.

I like being burned over and over again by Stealth Bird.
no 5's
fucking fail
I love every kind of dueling that takes place in this game.

I like seeing opponents life points knocked down after a direct attack.

When an enemy can't recover after having their field destroyed with Demise, my heart dances.

I like inflicting piercing damage with Airknight Parshath.

When my enemy barely regained advantage from a field wipe and I flipped Torrential Tribute, my heart soared.
uh oh
I like being burned over and over again by Stealth Bird.

It is a sad thing when one is hit by Mirror Force and loses their field.

I like being being swarmed with Samurais as soon as the duel begins.

Being defeated continously because of a broken card is the ultimate disgrace.


I desire a duel that is like hell.

Fucking Yami.
Gentlemen, my companions in the duel school who follow me, what do you desire?

Do you desire a duel as well? Do you also desire a duel in which no quarter is given?

Do you desire a duel that stretches the limits of WIND, WATER, FIRE, and EARTH to the limit one will kill all of the Duel Monsters on this planet?
Repost of a repost of a repost, in MY /a/? Who would have thought!?
Very well.

Then we shall have a duel.

The night that will grant our wishes has come.

Welcome to the night of duels!

Let's go, gentlemen.
I just typed this up. Its original content.
>Gentlemen, I like dudes.

>Gentlemen, I like dudes.

>Gentlemen, I love dudes.

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