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Would dump but
>108 pages

Are you ready?
Shit I meant 103 pages
File: Spoiler Image (185.57 KB, 1100x818)
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Oh shit
File: Spoiler Image (192.53 KB, 1100x821)
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I thought you will dump everything OP.
103 pages and the new timer is way too long.

Dumping a few pages as I am reading it myself right now.
File: 1286046047725.gif (2.84 MB, 203x115)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB GIF
What the fuck happened to my lighthearted ecchi comedy?
File: Spoiler Image (117.40 KB, 800x1227)
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117.40 KB JPG
Time reset/undo

OF ALL THE......I am okay with this
>Sohara won
I fucking called it.
I don't get it.

I havent read the previous chapters or anything, but at the start of this chapter icarus burns and MC-kun goes to get revenge and at the end everyone is happy and alive, including icarus?
>Sohara win
It was a fucking open ending.

Besides the movie is going to be Ikaros based.
This is how all of this authors manga go

Fight light heart comedy, then shit gets serious
Seriously I am about 6/10 pissed with how shit ended.
I don't really know hot to feel about it. All I know is that after all the shit that happened, I'm glad everyone gets a happy end.
>Tomoki's eyes
>I know they're all fakes.
>I'm living a fake and empty life.
It was always fake, it's just that he knows it's fake now.
I stopped reading just before shit started getting serious. Time to marathon
Don't do it.

Let is stay in your mind the way it is.
Your happy end might not be my happy end.

I want Tomoki to have a big real family....
File: 1386995392180.jpg (58.76 KB, 307x355)
58.76 KB
58.76 KB JPG
>This manga
Blunder of the century
>we existed before the Big Bang
>in fact it's we who caused it

I've got a 4chan pass, some guy gave me one a while back.

I'm dumping everything here: >>100859431
>everyone is kill
>deus ex machina super computer, built by a childhood friend that was actually a projection of a goddess scientist belonging to an ancient race far superior yet jealous of humans that they created themselves out of boredom, that can grant any wish and rebuild the world
>he rebuilds the world to spend his life peacefully and normally
What was first then?
She says they are also a race similar to humans that evolved from animals and gradually developed the culture a very long time ago.

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