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We are all agree that naruto has a shit plot but am i the only one who thinks that it has some god tier fights ?
>some god tier fights
This is true.
Pre-Shippuden did thanks solely to glorious Norio Matsumoto animation. After that, no, not really.
The fights were awesome until it all went to shit when kishimoto started to abuse sharingan and rinnengan
pic not related, I presume?

Sasuke vs Itachi was the biggest letdown in the series for me
Cuz they went jew on the Animation.. Fuck this gay earth
I'm talking about the manga, though.
Many of the fights in first series were really good, especially when characters were actually thinking and not just spamming ridiculous OP techniques all over battlefield. The last two good ones were Itachi vs Sasuke (because we were all waiting for that one, admit it) and Pain vs Jiraya.
I know that feel... I'd really like to see Shikamaru fighting one on one, like against Tayuya...
>god tier
No. The only two fights worth remembering involved Rock Lee, and he got robbed in both of them. Rock Lee vs bone guy was the last fight in Naruto to have interesting choreography. It's sad, because Killer Bee should have had really amazing choreography but by then Kishimoto had already let his art turn to shit so it was just a big mess like all his post-timeskip fights.

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