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File: source is negima.png (241.40 KB, 845x1200)
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241.40 KB PNG
I know I'm about 4 years late to the party, but what the hell was that?
>no closure allowed
Gee I dunno maybe you should start the sequel.
As a thanks we get shitty sequel set in future where most cute girls are either dead or grannies....
And gender ambigious Setsuna/Motoko clone.
Thanks Akamatsu.
holy fuck i have to admit the sequel is beyond shitty.
I read it til chapter 5 then dropt it like a stone.

really sad negima was in the end not worth the time
Didn't he fuck this up on purpose as a protest to something?
File: deal with it.png (293.65 KB, 500x362)
293.65 KB
293.65 KB PNG
>harem shitfest longrunner worse than bleach turned to shonen romance jumpfest hardstyle billshit goes to shit

No shit faggot, you could tell anyway
>reading shit
File: forgotten cosmonaut 1.jpg (29.19 KB, 400x304)
29.19 KB
29.19 KB JPG
>Yue gets some kind of detective bullshit chapter
>it's not some kind of pilot for a spinoff that would actually be good
Yes, but on purpose or not, it still leaves us with a shit end, that makes one regret ever having spent any time on this.
File: spike.png (105.45 KB, 339x338)
105.45 KB
105.45 KB PNG
Guys, I haven't found any series to fill that void which isn't shit.

What long runner is out there and worth reading, probably won't have a cop out for an ending?
File: SCHOPENHAUER.jpg (97.41 KB, 448x526)
97.41 KB
97.41 KB JPG
You'll never fill the void.
And I was actually buying the fucking volumes. Now I have an incomplete manga series sitting on my shelf. Akamatsu can go fuck himself.

Captcha: emoodb EDWARD
All that wasted money.
File: 1359313092127.gif (468 KB, 600x335)
468 KB
468 KB GIF
>about 4 years
I-it hasn't really been that long, has it?
What are you looking for? If you can deal with over the top powerlevels then join the Nanatsu no Taizai ride.
it's more like 2.8 at this point
File: confused alien.png (578.68 KB, 640x964)
578.68 KB
578.68 KB PNG
>not even a name for whoever married negi

He could've just slapped any old name in there and would've been grand. What was he smoking?
that's probably gonna be revealed later, it's relevant to Touta's heritage after all.
yeah but, is it good?
File: seinfeld.jpg (26 KB, 640x480)
26 KB
>that broomstick race
>that based as fuck class rep from the other dimension

Where did it all go wrong?
I recommended it, didn't I? There's only 62 chapters out so far, so go and form an opinion now.
File: 1388719867481.png (471.59 KB, 650x561)
471.59 KB
471.59 KB PNG
I want to reread it from the start, but knowing the pile of shit that was the ending, I don't feel bothered to
K-ON!! ended 4 years ago though.

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