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The first and second episodes were great, but I have a feeling this is going to suck shit from now on. What do you guys think?
It sucked from the momment she began running with a toast in her mouth

I still wait eagerly every week for the new episode though.
Here's what I think:
It sucked shit from square one
No respect for the screamo man
Nah, I expect more of the same. But it's probably going to have a really weak ending.
I thought seeing her kill scores of those things with her giant machine-gun while apparently quite pleased with it was badass, but I think from now on it will just be forced character development like with every other battle anime.
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All I hope is that Nobunaga shows up frequently to offer advice, and that the rest of it is sufficiently crazy.

Also maybe that they keep the side characters coming in, someone's gotta fill the body count.
The color scheme in this scene is worse than Coppelion's as an entirety and how no one sees this is beyond me.
One of the most entertaining shows this season.
Preview images for ep 4:
File: ep04_02[1].jpg (31.77 KB, 600x320)
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I hope the monsters get more lovercraftian, it would be boring if their evolution was similar to our.
Exactly. I instantly felt bad vibes just looking at the MC design
and btw
>screamoshit op
>expect some pansy crazy ass scenes at least
>D-frag action is better
>solshit feels everywhere
>NATO with superpowers
>evil eliens from Evolution movie
nah, fuck
If its your first one or you have the same discerning of a eight years old child, maybe
I liked Coppellion's.

But this is definitely worse
Don't cut yourself on that edge
Mangabro said that they're going to fight that Hurricane monster and then spend the next 8-9 episodes fighting a single giant monster or something as a team.

It sounded fucking awesome so we'll see.
>taking this show seriously
The only thing that makes no sense is how that rabbit guy decides who is exceptional or not.
I get some famous scientist or person but Jack the Ripper? Cappa?
And why couldn't every famous people be chosen? Was there a time limit or restriction? Shit makes no sense.

Meh, whatever.
>That edge
>Implying this show is not THE epitome of edge
This show makes Sasuke from Naruto look like he's made out of bunny rabbits. Don't throw around buzzwords you don't know because it makes you feel cool/better.
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Please stop responding to the child.
It's the new Symphogear, but even cheaper.
you could always ask for mommy's help to skip through the op you little bitch
>mommy's help
Stop that.
Except Symphogear isn't as fun and the protagonist is better.
Come on now.
She's started a lot stronger than Hibiki did, but Hibiki just didn't stop getting better with every episode, We'll need to wait and see if she can keep up.
I thought the second episode sucked. Not enough to drop it of course
More like the second episode and the final 5 minutes of the first episode were good.
Hope it keeps getting better.

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