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Reminder that Code Geass is a racist show with a huge bias to the Japanese.

Note how every villain in the entire series in an evil brit. Note how despite Zero making it a doctrine of the Black Knights to forsake racism, the Japanese members constantly judge Diethard, who of course is an evil westerner himself. Also note how Nina, the westerner racist against the JAPANESE, is of course a psychotic, mass-murdering jew dyke. Note how despite betraying their leader and selling him to the prime minister of the country that enslaved them, they're still the good guys and get a happy ending while Lelouch and Suzaku go down in history as monsters.

Why as CG so biased?
Are you being ironic or just painfully new to anime and japanese culture?
but Cornelia and a bunch of Britannians got a karma houdini too.
Yes, Japan is racist, more news at 11.
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>Code Geass
>Japanese nationalism.

The show where the Japanese only win fights cause an American (technically - Britannia is actually situated in NA) schoolboy rallies their forces and makes them his army to carry out his own personal, and fairly apolitical, revenge on his family.
An army that completely falls apart when he's not there to lead them.
An army whose biggest opponent is a Japanese boy WORKING for the semi-Americans.
A show that ends with Japan being made to play ball with everyone else in a UN scenario rather than completely dominating the field.
In fact, it even ends with said American schoolboy completely destroying the one resource that made them desirable as a nation to the rest of the world.

Yeah, that show's just bleeding NIPPON TAMASHII out of every orifice right there.
Are you retarded?
Lelouch and Suzaku unified both of them. It was clear that the problem wouldn't be solved even if the 11s had won.
The protagonist is a brit.
Notice how the Japanese are all portrayed as gullible idiots with bland hair colors and how the white people all have cool hair colors are are generally more intelligent and individualistic?

Code Geass is a great example of Japan putting themselves in a realistic perspective on a global setting.
This, I was going to make something similar, but there's not need anymore. Code Geass is far from being the most racist show I've ever seen. Also Oghi may remain a good guy in the eyes of everyone in the show but the narrative certainly did portray him as a dick.
>Every villain is an evil brit
Except the folk over in China, the Japanese radicals shoving nobles out of buildings, and Suzaku.

>Doctrine to forsake racism
Nope. It was to help the elevens.

>Suzaku not Japanese
S3 when? I need a wandering Lelouch and C.C.
Code Geass isn't racist. Now Akito the exiled, on the other hand... I'm not so sure.
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>Not knowing the difference between an antagonist and a villain
Im just wondering why there arent any likeable pure Elevens in Code Geass?
I liked the bridge bunnies
Japan is racist and has even more complexes with its identity than Germany, more news at 11.
The easiest way to continue Code Geass, would most likely be to have Schneizel have his Geass cancelled and have him do a coup or something.
File: 1330609553190s.jpg (5.25 KB, 249x244)
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A show that vouches for a globalized and diversified society is nationalist and racist. Right.
File: 0653565.jpg (95.48 KB, 608x346)
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Why is the Code Geass earth ruled by lolis?
>Why as CG so biased?

You mean why is CG so BASED?
>A show that vouches for a globalized and diversified society
Through slaughter, destruction and kidnapping
There are no villains in Code Geass.
Become evil to destroy a greater evil. That was the point.
He has just as much power as Nunnaly. Why would he stage a coup d'├ętat ?
so if you are not a blond hair blue eyes you are evil.
>Note how every villain in the entire series in an evil brit

They aren't British they are Americans; the capital of Britannia is in the Untied States since the British isles is a part of the EU.
They're neither British nor American, they're Britannian.

America doesn't exist. Washington's Rebellion failed, the colonies remained colonies, the Britannian Empire took over the rest of NA, moved the capital to California, and were kicked out of the British Isles by (IIRC) Germany in the Geass universe's equivalent to WWI.

everything's covered somewhere in the side materials. I can't actually remember it all though
Yes, we know. Now use the time machine and get back to 2014.

>Code Geass isn't racist. Now Akito the exiled, on the other hand... I'm not so sure.

For the Eleventh time...the director and co-writer of Akito (Kazuki Akane of Birdy TV, Escaflowne, Noein) liked the idea of the Japanese being "stateless" from the original show and wanted to explore that, in a darker setting.

This doesn't mean he is racist or wants to transmit a racist message.

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