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a Slice of Life with actual adults and what do you know, I sure didnt, is soothing, relaxing, good, interesting too, hell I am abstemious and now feel like learning all about the art of mixing drinks.

I wonder if is worth to read the manga.

Is such a SoL rare? Did you enjoy it anon? Is just 11 episodes alas.
>I wonder if is worth to read the manga.
>8 Volumes still to scanlate
>Look it up on batoto
>artefacts on the pages
Welp, I wish I knew japanese know.
o well there is time.
I suppose then, the anime was simply to publicize the manga, what a shame and adults Sol dont sell much do they?
I hate having to bump my own threads, did I start this on the wrong foot?

I guess is too old and not famous enough.
Not really. I don't think anyone watched Bartender after the first episode.

Everyone just says its boring. I liked it but whatever.

Also you must be new to expect anything else from /a/
Not about lolis behaving like retards, so it's shit.
Don't worry, it's not your fault. /a/ is more interested in loli butts and waifu threads.
>Bartender thread

Woha, did /a/ develop some taste over night?

Boring? Well I can understand is not drawn as nicely as Hyouka, althought I appreciated the mix between 2D, 3D and photos, but the music is quite the thing and I think it can be easily appreciated by those that enjoy watching craftmanship, there are dozens of video that are merely people performing their art, kind of like the "how it's made" show.

And for me at least is a novelty to see an anime with adults dealing and discussing their problems.

Learning about the history and the various "spirits" that exist is quite enticing and captivating in my opinion.
If you like this one op, you might like shinya shokudou
>newfags don't know about bartenders threads on /a/
>wondering why people don't talk about MUH SUPERIOR MASTURE MANGA FOR MATURE PEOPLE SUCH AS MYSELF while behaving like elittistic assholes
this is one of the few shows where I kept watching the ED, the music is not outstanding, nor I would say is one of the best ones, but the way it blends with the mood having a bartender perform his art in the real form with a different but tied to the episode cocktail means that skipping it would be missing an core component of the show.
>A manga that revolves around an old-fashioned all-night food stall, the various dishes that the stall owner prepares to suit the tastes of different customers, and the joys, griefs, trials and tribulations of his faithful patrons.
Oh that's great, a shame there is not an animated series it seems but I am quite fond of drawing of people eating.
I dont think they meant any harm, I guess is a bit of grief having seen such a prominent side of this board swing that way.

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