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File: vomit.gif (876.33 KB, 416x410)
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How is this even possible?
OP's a fag
They are still around?
Who let this happen?
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File: 1267548322.jpg (212.49 KB, 898x399)
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They're live concert are the best

File: 1359978924720.jpg (142.83 KB, 589x720)
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I thought they were done after the company in japan interviewed them and everyone was laughing at them

Oh my christ
what the fuck
aren't those the "priceless like a PS3" guys?
>ANN just catching up to these fags
Sasuga, ANN
The main problem I have with this shit other (than the fact the music is shitty mundane pop punk) is that they seem to know less than 10 anime, they come across as people who have never watched anime but tried to talked with their friends about it using very basic knowledge and sometimes get it mixed up with videogames.
>It's like they're stuck in 2006 or so with their references. No one cares about Gravitation or Inuyasha anymore. Tamaki, Ed, and the video game characters are all still fairly popular, but not like they used to be. It's like these guys haven't watched anime since the mid-2000's but think they're still being relevant.

Even (some) ANN users have better taste than this.
Then there's this faggot:

I love The LeetStreet Boys; Yuri the only one and Guitar Hero are my favorite songs of the bunch, Imaginary Boys is also very subtle and like me, and the others are pretty good too :D
Look up "Cosplay Girlfriend"
This seems to be a trend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP2Fl9FN8EQ

The bassist bought a Rickenbacker 4003 just for the cosplay yet he can barely play it and goes out of key all throughout.
Aren't these guys like nearing 40 now? They've been around for a long time.
File: 1342855992081.png (12.87 KB, 390x461)
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I am so happy that you posted that.
He's surprisingly normal looking.

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