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Reference from Asian expert : http://www.antiwc.net/group/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=3060

2. Our Anime/Asian terms
For example when our Anime girls call their boyfriend with the term 'big/older brother' where in those westerners western culture it is seen negative while not in our Asian culture because that is how our Asian girls call their Asian boyfriend, this is because of our Asian girls submissive nature so calling their boyfriend with the term 'big brother' are to show their submissiveness just like how a little sister will obey and follow her big brother, this is also because of our Asian guys preference over cute submissive girls. The fact of this seen negative in those westerners western culture can be seen at our Manga, Anime, Asian movie, etc media which those westerners translated into their western languages where the term changed from big brother into something such as darling or by just simply calling their birth name [ which is rude in our Asian culture], in some case to keep the atmosphere as original as possible the term are not changed at all such as in our Manga and Anime where the term stay as 'oniisan' [ big brother in Japanese language ] and not even changed into big brother due to the negative view of those westerners western culture about it. This is the reason why the quality of our Manga, Anime, Asian movie, etc are decreased when subbed/dubbed into western languages.
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Sometimes, westerners suit a character better than asians. Though, I do think that some people can't cosplay as well as asians. I'm not going to blame photoshop.
It's the jaws.
One of the biggest evidence of this is maid cafe, for us Asians maid cafe are seen as like other typical cafes which is a place where peoples can order foods, drinks and also doing cute stuffs with the maid which are seen like typical other waitress, the only difference is the theme where in maid cafe the theme is cuteness and innocentness just like other theme based cafes such as music cafe, Manga cafe, etc. As for westerners maid cafe are seen as prostitution related place where peoples can do sexual things to the maid there which are seen as prostitute.

A westerner who run a maid cafe in the west also confirmed this http://www.vice.com/read/im-a-waitress-not-a-sex-worker

western cultures are just sick.
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cherry picking

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