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Holy shit. I like this assault team line-up. I like it very much.
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I especially like that Freya's grandpa and Kagero are both there. And Kagero is still carrying the ho Shigure trolled him with all those chapters ago.
>ho Shigure trolled him with
That is actually debatable, I mean she did give him what he needed, that bit of metal reforged with a purpose.

Though I am glad we finally get to see James do some shit.
She gave him that to teach him the happiness of giving life to things rather than destruction. She's still got his real sword in a case hidden in her room with the idea that she'd give it back to him one day when he learned to not be a killer anymore.
Huh thought that was a different sword, but it was mostly a moot point as the dude defines himself almost completely by what he holds. And she knew that.
Bojutsu master is best master. he also got the hottest grandchild.
I'm surprised, but fairly pleased to see some of the non-Ryozanpaku masters joining in the assault.
I've been fairly indifferent to HSDK for a while now, but I still have a soft spot for some of the characters.
Freya should have another fight soon too, as she was shown with the other disciples, and given the emphasis that the enemy disciple were given, I'd say Matsuena's setting up a clash.
I have to say I liked it better when that dangerous technique actually maimed and/or killed you if you abused it.

At the end of the that arc he was able to walk again and his girlfriend lived, to be honest I was a little disappointed.
It does seem a bit weak, but I think he at least needs an aid to walk for any length of time, instead of regaining his legs full strength.

Also, Rimi would have died if her master hadn't intervened.

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