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Have you introduced your waifu to your family yet?
I'm pretty sure they already know my sister.
NSA saw this post. Run you fools.
Come on, it's 2014.
Back in the old days nobody here had waifus and pretended to be "so craaazy" and "such a nerd".

I miss the old /a/.
You're new is showing.
Indeed. You should have one by now.
>tfw your sadistic underling steals you're waifu
I don't know what old days you're referring to, but waifus have been a thing forever.
Remember the whole "teh rei is mai waifu" Bullshit back in 2005 or 06?
I will never fall into that shit.

At first it was a joke, but some anons soon saw something in waifus that they would never see in 3DPD. They found an ideal that they could dedicate themselves to. A person that they could place all those bottled up feelings into. They found someone they could love. Not just any love, but a pure, monogamous, faithful love. The type of love that people only write stories about.

Is it an unrealistic love? Yes. A little, maybe even a lot crazy? Sure.

But so what? Is it so wrong to pursue this ideal? To throw all my heart, and emotion into someone, even though I know they don't exist in this dimension? What difference does it make to anyone that I love a 2D ideal, instead of a 3DPD?
You're a fucking nutjob. I'm sure you'll have a dozen hugbox morons jump out of the woodwork to applaud you, though.
I want to say, but am not 100% sure, that waifus are older than 4chan itself because what might be the original "mai waifu" was from Azumanga
File: 1380324478000.jpg (6.57 KB, 229x238)
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normalfag pls

Spoken like a pleb who doesn't understand true love.
Spoken like a moron who puts his waifu on a fucking pedestal. She'd consider you utterly disgusting, thank god you don't actually love her.


I feel like this is the new buzzword to use against waifufags at this point.

Anyways, to answer the original question, no, because my parents are still convinced they'll get grandchildren from me, so I don't want to disappoint them. I'll let them slowly realize on their own that it's not happening.
File: living doll.jpg (85.94 KB, 1280x720)
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85.94 KB JPG
no, but my mom has asked me numerous times if I only like anime girls because I have the ClairS nendroids, and revoltech yuki and gurren lagann on my desk. I guess she meant the people who dress up as gothic lolita and wear a bunch of makeup to look like dolls, this was because she watched my strange addiction and they had a thing on "living dolls"
File: 1370179162747.jpg (17.96 KB, 408x391)
17.96 KB
17.96 KB JPG
>I guess she meant the people who dress up as gothic lolita and wear a bunch of makeup
So she was asking if you liked lolitas? Considering everyone finds lolitas attractive I think she was just trying to finally once and for all decide if her son is a faggot.
File: 1386348455447.png (47.59 KB, 555x624)
47.59 KB
47.59 KB PNG
no, she was asking if I only liked them. She has asked me weird shit like that before.
Just like "normalfag" is a buzzword
File: 1389404519794.jpg (34.67 KB, 420x563)
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34.67 KB JPG
I dunno, I still think it was a homocheck. Pic related its how she sees her son.
File: 01.jpg (170.20 KB, 1040x640)
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170.20 KB JPG
I ain't no faggot
>Anon, why don't you have a girlfiend? Are you gay?
File: Scooby.Doo.full.1461757.jpg (269.79 KB, 691x1000)
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269.79 KB JPG
no one wants to go out with shaggy from scooby doo
File: hecks.png (111.56 KB, 472x437)
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111.56 KB PNG
Yes, and I got a daki in my bed at my Mom's house
I'm not a little faggot like the kind that seems to pervade this board who shits their pants if their powerlevel is exposed to anybody including their family.
But everyone wants to fuck that fine Velma ass
File: jp 2008.jpg (196.01 KB, 1462x483)
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196.01 KB JPG
Remember when waifu threads were so bad they made a new board for them?

And now waifu threads are even worse?

>I'm going to axe this board immediately if it doesn't turn out well and becomes a hassle to moderate.

Waifus were just people having fun with cute anime girls. Then newfriends came, took it seriously and are now quick to call you new and normie when you make fun of their delusions.

I bet most waifufags have been here for 2 years at most.
I prefer the waifu shit to the constant "So Ronry" threads that made /a/ feel like a certain other shithole of an imageboard
My mom found out when a friend got me a daki of my waifu for my birthday.

She thought it was a pretty nice gift, though she does give me shit for it still.

I've been here for over three years, still relatively new, but longer than you suggest. Probably longer than you've been here, too, which, by the time you mentioned, is probably two years.

I've been in love with my waifu for almost three years, too. I came to /a/ in October of 2010, and I've been in love with her since March of 2011.

Of course, there's no way for me to prove any of this.
>fecesbook image
>my mom's house
>showing your powerlevel

Why is /a/ so full of cancer these days?
File: nemu asakura waifu.jpg (80.12 KB, 1000x750)
80.12 KB
80.12 KB JPG
Anyone remember this guy?
I'm and oldfag, I've been here since ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH
>trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls
Yeah, no. Sage.
Typical fucking waifufag. Some moronic kid who picked up a waifu because everyone else was doing it.

What? How can you claim any of that from what I said?
Next you're going to ask me how I can possibly know for a fact that you don't love your waifu.
you mean /mu/?
ain't that the truth

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