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Final chapter of Sora no otoshimono is out.
i dont get it
>Reset end with nothing resolved
It's shiiiiiiiit, you're losing your grip suu.
Reset end how original.
so who won in the end?
Nobody, it's an ending with nothing resolved, open ending so to speak.
Why do everyone confess just before they die, fucking hell.
>Don't go!! Don't go, Ikaros!! That's an order!!
>That's an order, you idiot-!!
>...I... Love you....
Also, 103 pages, what the fuck.
It's a 'meh' sort of ending.
Daedalus won.

All the girls are data. Daedalus is flesh and bone still which is why Tomoki only sexually molested her after the world reset.
>harem end
There are probably too many death threats on his mail
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I like it, I like it a lot, the only thing I'm curious is how the world is going to work now with two Soharas.
Well, I won't complain, atleast Chaos get a happy ending, I'm very happy with that.
>Welcome home
>I see...
File: Spoiler Image (128.67 KB, 800x1222)
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>Is love right...?
>This is fine, isn't it
One of them is less stacked and more mature.
Yeah but you have shit taste.
Enjoy your grown up tamamo
I can't be the only one who thought this.
So he finally tells Ikaros he loves her, and then it all gets taken away.
It's like we can't have nice things. Sasuga Suu.
Read the catalog
>This fucking quality.
>more mature.
>Trillions of years old.
That's putting it lightly.

And Tomoki didn't say he loves Ikaros. It was Ikaros who kept saying I love you to her master.
Ah shit, I didn't noticed her head.
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So wait, who the fuck was the man in the sky then? Why was he being a ruthless cruel and perverse administrator? Why is there rows of bodies in Synapse? What the fuck is even going on in this ending?


Synapse person
Boredom due to living too long
Suicide due to boredom /hopelessness
Reset end. Go learn moon.
Pulease /a/ reset was used by Ikaros in the first episode. If that wasn't foreshadowing how dumb can you get.
The fact that synapse still exists, and relationships are now repaired / recognised, its a bit better than a real reset of everything. Don't you think?

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