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You know, there are really few examples I can think of of "pretentious" media that people like just to look smart. I mean, there's tons of stuff that is presented as deeper than it really is, but I've never found anything I felt was overtly trying to be deep and utterly failing at it.

Until I watched this fucking show. It's a mess of iconography shoved in from multitudes of religions, the most prominent being Christianity, that lead nowhere, dumb limp-wristed Freudian fallacies; the thematics are all over the fucking charts, and at the end shoves in a Sartre-esque finale that has almost nothing to do with the preceding story.

So go ahead, /a/. Rationalize why you like this shit
>/a/ - My Blog
Getting tired of this shit.
i don't think it's particularly pretentious. some of the religious references and so on would have been better off scrapped since they're unnecessary and beside the point, but it's still a good story with much more meaningful content than is customary in anime
also how is the ending "sartre-esque", now that's pretentious if i've ever read anything pretentious
The religious symbolism set the mood for the supernaturalism the show used to build mystery and aesthetics, and as the staff said, helped it be a little recognizable out of the other mecha at the time.
Which "thematics" in particular? Even with all of your words, your actual criticisms are pretty vague.
Both the TV and movie endings, an the general story and characters, had everything to do with the show's main themes of depression, isolation/connection, and identity and such, so I fail to see how it didn't fit.

And did you watch EOE? I bet you wouldn't like it.
Well yes, in fact this show was made to be complicated for no reason. I guess that means "pretentious"
>You know, there are really few examples I can think of of "pretentious" media that people like just to look smart.
Read a fucking book. Start with Derrida.

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