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So I remember dropping this by episode 2 because everything else that season was 'too interesting' and if I got fed any more of the moe battle chara and her signature moe catchphrase, I was going to start flaming it for no discernable reason. But after powering through it... wow. Not groundbreaking, mind, but hell if I didn't appreciate all the characters afterwards. Even the catchphrase grew on me by the end just because of how they used it. Execution was great on all fronts, and the voice acting was terrific. The only thing that felt lacking was the lore surrounding the series' depiction of youkai (or youmu), and the lack of impact an individual one had in the latter half - similar to Symphogear's Noise, they're treated too much like a minor obstacle or special attack fodder.
Solidly in the 'would've been great with two cours' tier for me, I guess people expect more from >kyoani.
Can we have a Kyoukai no Kanata thread?
It was one of the worst kyoani shows ever made.
So what you're saying is, if you let Kyoani make all the bad shows the standard for shit will be greatly raised?
No, watch munto.

I'd rate knk barely above kotourasan.
Well, sharing tastes is fine and all but I just wanted to have a thread about it, so if you want to say why you think it's 'terrible' that'd be something to take from or discuss. I'll watch what you said though.
I watched the entire thing and by the end I didn't care about the MCs one bit more than I did in the first ep: which was nothing. The whole thing felt so shallow.
If you hadn't dropped the show because of "moe battle character" like a newfag /v/ermin fuck, you'd know the reasons why the anime butchers the LN.

Further more, the aniime has shit development, an asspull ending, unlikable shit characters and a horrible villain and plot.

Best ED of the season though
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At least you've admitted you were wrong after the fact, but next time maybe don't shitpost baselessly before giving a series a fair chance. If everyone did only that, /a/ would be a much more tolerable place. At least you didn't end up like these retards brainwashed by sunk cost fallacy into continuing to shitpost to this day and watching a full season of something they supposedly think is the lowest garbage in the anime industry to fuel their irrational hate boners. It definitely wasn't the greatest anime ever or even above average for KyoAni, but if you let yourself appreciate it for what it is, you would see that it has strong elements as well and that signature KyoAni attention to detail.
>"moe battle character" like a newfag /v/ermin fuck
Three years and haven't browsed /v/, give me a little credit; I'd just watched a lot of shounen before I came to 4chan and not much else.
Anime butchering the LN is not surprising, but I didn't find the character development bad at all. As for the rest, I guess you can chock that up to 'LN butchering', but I could only wholehearteldy agree on the villain. Mind I'm trying to judge it as an anime, not as a faithful adaptation.
> next time maybe don't shitpost baselessly before giving a series a fair chance
I never did that. I said I stopped watching because it felt irritating by comparison, but that was just being impatient. And no, I don't like the majority of Kyoani productions.
The main problem about KnK is that series like these often need a two-cour starter season to build up the setting (Shakugan no Shana, Strike the Blood, Index, Nurarihyon no Mago, etc.). Without that, we'd just be scratching the surface.

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