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What a disappointing ending.

You lied to me.

Aji Tae turns from a decent antagonist into a paper cut-out villain and in a story like this, driven entirely by him as the big bad final boss, that was a huge disappointment. Almost as disappointing as MC and his SM slave was at the end. Seriously, power of olev? One of the main selling points of this manhwa is that MC isn't a great guy, in fact he's a (likeable) asshole and lies, steals, cheats and shit and then they decide to go with this crap.

>huge disappointment
Well the same back at you. You really don't know what a terrible ending is. I guess the only reason the ending is at all impactful is because of the MC's death. No one really gives a shit about Aji Tae besides the fact he's dead.
Holy shit that is some awful art. I have no clue what is happening in that picture, it just looks like scribbles.
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Also half of the cast die in like a single chapter and a few of them remained unexplained like that big sensei dude and MC's ancestor. I thought they were going to have some impact on the story but alas no

Kye Wol Hyang's story was a little weird too, why exactly didn't MC just reciprocate her love?
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You haven't experience true scribble drawings.

It went to shit already when people started shooting mountain-cutting laser beams out of their swords and Taekwondo became a superpower.

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