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Anime is the pastime of emotionally arrested manchildren, who revel in the shallow themes and plots that are exclusively targeted at teenagers. These stunted individuals are teenagers emotionally however, which isn't a crime in itself, but becomes problematic when anime is being used as a means of escaping the basic human need to grow. By clinging to the fantasies presented in anime, they stall indefinitely the natural emotional progression colloquially known as growing up. Compounding this arrest is 'waifu' culture, a system of replacing real women with 2D objects. Paramount in waifu culture is the purity of waifus, which is only a way of waifuists rationalizing their own virginity by placing a high value on it in their waifus. By rejecting real women and their complexities in favor of idealistic 2D women, waifuists put yet another barrier between them and reality.
bump <:^)
Reggie is my lover... and a fiend.
Let me start from the beginning.
The year was 2004, and a new man had been hired to helm the public relations of Nintendo in the United States. I remember the first thing I thought when I saw him: "why are we letting a fucking nigger in here?". Reggie was walking around and mingling with the other Nintendo executives when he came up to me, and immediately shook my hand and patted me on the back. He was so charismatic, the look in his eyes told you that he meant business, and he would do whatever it took to get that business. I liked him immediately. "So young lady, how do you like interning here" I could hardly respond. His was voice was so in command, so powerful. I could only blush and stutter out "y-you too". Reggie only laughed and slipped me a piece of paper with his number, telling me that I should call him later. I called him the second he left the room. I was shaking as I listened to the phone ringing, suddenly unsure and unconfident in what I would say to him if he answered. "Reggie here". I nearly dropped the phone onto the ground. I began stuttering into the phone, gasping for something to say, when he just said "my place, now. You bring the stuff". Jesus Christ. This was what I had wanted, this is what I had been born for. I wasted no time driving to his apartment, speeding through every red light I could on my quest to be with him. When I knocked on his door, I heard giggling, the movement of a tumbler lock, and then the door opened into a pitch black room. I stepped cautiously in, and was suddenly startled by the sound of two claps (fucking American) and then the lights came on. Sitting there, illuminated by red lights, was Reggie, wearing nothing but a red silk thong. "R-reggie I" he grabbed me. So aggressive. I felt my hand move down his body, and then heard myself ask "Are you... is your body... are you ready?" Reggie smiled his wolf's smile, looked me straight in the eyes, and said "Ya sure i'm ready"
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Go on....
Stick to your stupid cartoon westermers, you wannabe Asians will never be one of us Asians Proud Asian
Evidence that only we Asians could look as Asians : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOTzcU1XlVY

Also remember that I'm not a fat dumb lazy unattractive westerners like you who massacres over 500000 innocent Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki using nuclear bomb, massacres over 100000 innocent Japanese in Tokyo, massacres over 50000 innocent Japanese in Okinawa, mass rape over 32000 innocent Japanese all over Japan and still keep doing all kind of crimes in Japan to this day including rape, so there is no reason for Japanese to hate me or my peoples.

What are you doing with that tomato, trashman?
>he didn't sage
thanks op, that was shitty, i cum so hard while hurtling through space toward a decommissioned space station. slowly, i pull my knees to my chest and close my eyes as my bowels begin to expel hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful, symmetrical turds, brown as the day is long. i laugh like a young girl as my turds drift aimlessly behind me; they are as butterflies to a child frolicking in the fields of elysium.

i approach the station's docking port, flaccid cock in hand, and prepare to float gently into its inviting confines. i extend my cockless arm jubilantly, as to celebrate the majesty and depth of space, and thank jesus christ for this ultimate gift and blessing. but suddenly, my outstretched arm collides with the outer rim of the docking port, and the trajectory of my quaggy body is violently halted.

the fates afford me barely enough time to turn my head before the turds arrive. one thousand turds, each one seemingly larger than the last. i try in vain to cleanse my eyes of the shitsting, but succeed only in smearing my own fecal matter into a fine asspaste, which slowly seeps into my eyes and nasal cavity. i inhale three hundred and twenty four Space Turds; my lungs are permeated completely with my own shit. i hang lax, spirit broken, defeated by poop. i will never be the same. i am forever a shit faggot.
I just wanted to let you guys know I'm actually saging this thread.

Just in case you weren't aware.

By the way, sage is like a downvote, so I'm downvoting this thread basically.

This basically means I dislike the current level of content that is being posted inside the thread.

Also this post is also saged, just in case you weren't aware.
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I knew it would come to this.
nice shoop <:^)
It's not, you should be able to tell from the pixels.
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True, OP, but you can say the same about any popular form of entertainment, which is ultimately designed to help people escape the horrors of reality. Anime is the ultimate form of escapism, and touches the core of what people need from entertainment. The fact that this also happens to be seen as juvenile ignores the fact that escapism itself is often formed and reveled in via juvenile desires, urges and fantasies. Growing up does not result in people getting rid of these desires; their priorities instead shift and they become less relevant.

Also, waifuism cannot be understood by a petty boar such as yourself. While I myself do not have a waifu, those that abide by their wife have given up earthly love for one purely of thoughts.

Like many things invented by nips, animu and mango take the most essential pieces of escapist entertainment and present them well. All televised mass-media entertainment is essentially watered-down from the more "pure" mediums (literature and philosophy especially). This doesn't mean it's necessarily juvenile or mature, but it's value is certainly dependent on how well it helps the view "escape" into it's world.
/co/ is by far creepier and more pathetic than /a/.

I dont know why /a/ is used as a punching bag and /co/ gets a free pass.

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