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What's the feasibility of making the first card game in Kaiji as an online game? It would be pretty cool to play it against /a/.
kaiji is a pretty cool cardgame, wins 5 times the amount, and isnt afraid of anything
I was thinking about it, and you can;t get the full effect since most of the game took place outside of the game mechanics themselves and was whatever the people themselves could manage to think of inside the system, which allows for nearly endless possibilities.

You can't pull Funai sleight of hand tricks or mark cards online.
One of the problems is that an intrinsic part of Kaiji's games is that people need to have a huge amount riding on the game so that they're motivated to play crazy. So long as you had people playing a set-up where, let's say, if you lose then instead of going to 'the room' a virus is downloaded to your computer that completely destroys it... then you'd have people doing crazy mindgames and politics and double-crosses and shit. That shit would be cash as hell.

But yeah, it'd be much easier to just do some sort of IRL INSANE GAMBLE with it. I've definitely been thinking about what I have that I could gamble with.
I suppose an ability to message a person individually, with people seeing that they're messaging with each other -- but not being able to read it -- would create a nice psychological effect on the game.

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